Freedom & ReleaseAfter how intense and chaotic October’s eclipses were we do have the chance to end the year in a much smoother and flowing state – if we actively choose it.

I have noticed in my sessions and with my friends there’s a lot of ancestral clearing coming up again as well as cord cutting. While I do not believe in the classic versions of cords, attachments and even karma, I will say that I see when people have energy connections still going on between them. So I asked the Archangels, “how do we best clear and heal this stuff coming up so we can move forward?”

Archangel Aurora replied, “Dearest Ones, you are always very connected. Remember you are moving towards unity consciousness, to the reality, the truth, that you are all one. Though in human form you decide you are individuals and when you are complete with a person or a place or a pattern you want to be completely disconnected.”

“Well that goes against the laws of Unity Consciousness.”

“So what do you do? You honor your completeness within yourself. You let go and understand that that person or place your pattern no longer has a hold on you.”

“If you wish to practice forgiveness you may, but the truth is: everything is divine and perfect so there is nothing to forgive. Now, there is understanding that it was a Soul choice therefore it was part of your Soul Journey. We call that acceptance not forgiveness. We ask of you to step away from the word forgiveness and move into acceptance and completion and reaching for joy as you move forward.” (Read that again, that’s a biggie!)

“With ancestral healing oftentimes you will come in with trauma from past generations simply as a Soul experience. Your Soul wishes to work/play with it in this life. You also have lineage trauma that you bring from other lives as you are strongly connected to all versions of your Soul Self.”

(I will often see it as a bag of rocks on someone’s back. So I will check in with their Soul and the Archangels and ask, are there any rocks in their backpack? Show me. And if there are then we clear it.)

“To clear trauma, pain and suffering, patterns, programs and conditioning, all of it, is to let it goState that you are complete. Feel the energy move through you and push it out and know that you are complete with them or that. And when your ego mind steps up to tell you, oh no it still hurts or they’re still there, that is when you get very diligent in your assessment that you have completed the process with them or that and you are freeDo not look back, look forward to your freedom. Feel your freedom.”