Future and past selfThe truth of the matter is the “future screen” is who you always have been and the “past screen” is you allowing yourself to experience the opposite, so the present self becomes your segue from completing the experience of the opposite and returning to True Self, who you always have been.

Just like you have always been a leader, you just bound yourself in order to experience the poverty of monkhood. So you were never a monk, you were a leader experiencing monkhood, so remember that’s who you always were and realize the experience is complete so you have shed those garments and you are back to your leadership because you never left it.

It is so much easier to return to your True Self rather than move from what you are to what you’re not, so remember, that in which you are becoming, you have always been, you are simply returning to the state you have always been. There was a Soul path for experience so anything not in love: poverty, abandonment, guilt, shame, rage, could be experienced. Those are all something you’re not, so you stepped out of your Divine in order to experience that which you are not and now you are returning. Again, it is easier to return to that which you are and always have been, rather than move into something you’re not.