As I tune in I find myself in the conference room of my Starship, an often visited place. One of my higher versions of self is the Commander and he stands across from me and to my left, around the end of the table is my Arcturian Collective, which is just colored mist, a collection of non-embodied energies, which I know as Eli. Today the mist is single color, Arcturian royal blue, as the room isn’t that big. Also Elontra and Pri, my 7D Pleiadian self and her beloved. I spend quite a lot of time with them. So far, my usual meeting group.

I look to my right in the table gets extremely long and there are many beings, some of them I’ve never seen before, in all shapes and sizes, and quite a few of them have a humanoid, mostly females, standing behind them. So I question this and my Commander says that there are so many beings now assisting Earth in its’ Ascension and the humans are their translators, if you will, to Earth. Like I am.

So I look at the chair in front of me because I’m standing behind it instead of sitting in it, like the other humans, and in the chair I see my lavender mist and I just have to laugh that my Lesvarthians are joining the party. As 12D beings I don’t see them very often since our merging June 2015. They smile up at me and we just share a giggle, if you can imagine a suitcase size ball of mist feeling like the entire Collective and communicating as such. I really enjoy any time spent with my Lesvarthian collective as they are a very simple, straight forward collective. Every choice is easy, do what brings joy. Watching humans choose victimhood and suffering is incomprehensible to them. (One of these days I’ll post my experiences of merging with them. Not a walk-in experience but rather merging, remembering one of my higher versions of Self, of which there are many and I believe we will remember them all as we ascend.)

We begin discussing the Equinox next week and how it is another great up level for us. I asked why we’re having so many triggers and old patterns pop up again, why can’t we just do molecular restructuring and be done with it? I’m told that Ascension is about the experience, the return, the journey back to Divine realization so there is no jumping, no skipping the line.

Every multi-dimensional being is experiencing through our experiences. And the best way to up level, meaning take a big jump to a more expansive frequency, instead of reliving over and over again, is to simply flow through all of the triggers and changes etc.

There will be so many major frequency up levels the rest of this calendar year so the more we keep ourselves in flow the easier we will continue this journey, ending up on New Earth and Beyond In patches first and then longer and longer periods until we’re able to remain there fully, always, if we choose. Remember some of us choose to go back and forth, as that is our mission.

“Humans have many issues with abundance, whether it be money, romance, health. The higher dimensional answer is allow it to flow in. See your wisdom and your grace and your assistance buoy you up like a luxurious raft on the river. You are surrounded by abundance, you live in abundance in every moment. You have abundant air, abundant love, abundant beauty in nature, all around you. Harness this! know deeply that you are taken care of, you are supported and you are so very grateful for all that, that it allows you to easily Focus on your Ascension / Galactic / Angelic / Soul / Earth mission. Whatever the name, focus on that. We would suggest non-attachment in all things. Again, be childlike and your behavior. Return to the joy and awe of a five-year-old.  See joy in everything. As you have recently read, every action and situation is an opportunity FOR you, see it as such. See only love, compassion, joy and contentment through your eyes, flowing into your heart and radiating out of your heart.”

“Remain in the flow with everything, pure acceptance, pure knowing that you are protected and provided for, truly guided and on the right track. See everything as a valuable experience and show gratitude to it. It is that flow, that surrender and acceptance, faith and trust, patience and flow, that bring the greatest leaps in your Ascension process. Keep practicing for you are doing very well. And keep reminding others.”

I quickly headed to the Solar Elohim to get a burst of golden energy within and check in to see if they have any tasks for me or any wisdom. It is very busy there, perceived by the frequency being much, louder, brighter and faster. it’s kind of strange to explain busyness in terms of frequency so it’s just easier to say it’s busy there. They show me a picture of a steam engine on a train and how in the old days if they would throw more wood and build a fire faster the engine would go faster.

They are programming so many frequency laden rays to Earth to just keep us rolling through the up levels. Keep Ascension on track. I asked how can us Wayshowers (and there are so many labels, insert the one you like best!) best assist and they say they agree with what was told to me on My Starship. Get out there and do it, follow your mission, your joy.

I return back and start to go into Gaia’s core looking at the Core Crystal and Cornerstone Crystals and before heading to my Lyran Helper and my Andaran Collective. instead I get only a brief glimpse, a touch-in with all of that as I’m projected to New Earth instead to see how much it has grown, meaning how many people are now accessing it. I meet my connection there, a human named Bob, and we discuss how many more humans have expanded their frequency, their personal vibration, vibratory level, so that they may access New Earth. He explains that with the upcoming Equinox, by October so many more will remember, thus “gain access”.

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