Actively Choose Your VibrationAs you ascend you find that the lower frequencies are too much chaos and it becomes difficult for you. So you segregate yourself which maintains your higher personal frequency, although in the human incarnation it is difficult to avoid work and the grocery store and so many other tasks to be completed outside of your sanctuary.

Therefore it behooves you to anchor yourself into the higher frequencies and maintain that emanation throughout your day. You humans have a saying: go to your happy place. And we are telling you to stay in that happy place throughout your day and when you notice that your thoughts are your emotions have strayed to something lower vibrational, bring yourself back. Call upon a happy place or that happy feeling and return yourself. For you are multi-dimensional being of unconditional love and divine light, it is your right, your ability to maintain your multi-dimensional state at all times. This means even when you are in the throes of 3D drama.
This reminds me of HeartMath, which has an exercise where you take a few deep breaths, then pull up in your mind a picture of something that makes you very happy (puppies, family, a memory, etc) and spend 30 seconds in that state, then return to present. You’ve returned to a higher vibration in which to solve any issue.