Happy 2024!Welcome to 2024! The new moon today ushers in the theme of Spiritual Quantum Leaps, which will continue all year! The momentum really starts rolling by the end of this month so get prepared with your list of desires, dreams, creations and manifestations.

That will require you to let go of old patterns and conditioning to clear out your emotional and mental body, and in some instances the physical body, to tune into your energy body and your intuition, so you can feel into the right answers in your Now and begin taking action. Open your senses for your Guides, Angels, Soul and the entire Universal Field are sending you signs, hints, answers. You have only to pick up on them and step into the guidance.

Archangel Aurora tells us, “Dear Ones, after a tumultuous December Humanity is now anchored in a  higher frequency, much more resonant with 5D and beyond. Therefore, you can feel our wisdom and guidance and support more than ever before. Tune into us, tune into the feelings of comfort & support, know that you are being held, you are not alone. Close your eyes and see with your inner vision the colors swirling around you, feel the sparkling energies. Know that we are assisting. Talk with us, ask your questions and sense the answers coming in all around you. For that’s what synchronicities are.”

The Solaran Council, the divine consciousness of the Sun, tells us, “We have been very active recently and continue to become more and more active this year, sending you the frequencies that help you align with the higher dimensions. For it is time. It is time for you to step into more divine neutrality, more love and compassion, more action on your planet to shift into the new systems that are emerging. This year marks a whole new way of being and we support you in that, so step forward into it. This is why you incarnated in this lifetime – to bring in the 5th dimensional energies and beyond, to re-ascend. And our frequencies are only getting stronger so listen, take action, expand.”