pleiadian collectiveAs I sink in I feel surrounded by the community, the One is, love. I’m here, and we are here. Within, without, always, work with us, utilize us, be one with us.

I see my Arcturian Collective and so many more collectives, groups, planetary beings. We humans are literally surrounded by support, assistance. Beings we’ve worked with for all our lives, the Pleiadians and the Arcturians, as well as beings that I myself have had beautiful interactions with since moving to Sedona, like the Lesthvartians, and then there’s new beings that I’ve met through others, through clients and even some that I have never encountered before. I face those groups which are emanating love, feeling my heart opening, my Soul ¬†Spark connecting. Opening so wide that I may see them, interact with them, remember my oneness with all beings. On this planet and all planets, all galaxies, all universes are we are all one.

These collectives which surround us and assist us come from many different dimensions, frequencies. There are so many collectives, energies and starships in our orbit, and there are many others that are not always in physical embodiment so they can be here, there and everywhere, be in their own planetary orbit yet communicating and assisting quite easily with us.

Why? Because we have expanded our personal and Humanity frequency enough that we can now communicate. Years ago in our current incarnation there was such a gap between us and many Beings do not wish to constrict themselves, constrict the flow to reach Third Dimension. For truly, many humans are in 5D we are already re ascending and moving into our light bodies. And doing that we have expanded our frequency into a multi-dimensional state that makes it far easier to communicate with higher dimensional beings. For that is who we are. That is source and we are source.

And saying hello I first pop into each starship to commune with that Collective. Sometimes it is forehead to forehead, sometimes it is a merging where you walk into each other and then back out and sometimes it is a beautiful group energy hug without even touching. We do not need to use our physical bodies to hug to touch to feel the love. We open our hearts and we are immersed in it whether it is a tone or a color or a sense or a complete feeling of oneness.