intention releases patterns and programsYou are shifting into your Light Body the more you heal yourself. For you are expanding the vibration of your physical body as you filter more light into your life body and emanate it. All the bodies making up your human self, the energetic, mental, emotional, then all those within the physical body including the organs of the lymphatic, they all expand and transmute.

Often times your physical body is the last to know. It is the one that displays the symptoms that your energetic body or mental or emotional has been expressing for quite some of time. When looking at any pattern or program or illness or symptom, trace it back up through your Soul to see the route so that you can easily release that witch alters the body.

Is it always easy to transmute, to release? We would say not always, simply because some of these illnesses or symptoms or signs are contracted by your Soul for that very experience. There are a great many of those on Earth that are choosing to exit this planet, to die, from some of the illnesses that they have. They chose that as an exit method. But so many more have not. So many Humans can enjoy better health, wealth, happiness, joy. It is within you, especially now in the frequencies of your current Earth. In this frequenc it is much easier to trace to the route and release it, drop all the programming and patterns that have been a catalyst for past experiences in this human life and are no longer needed. Experience complete. No sense in lingering.

So again there are those patterns within your Soul Spark Self in a Human body that are necessary in this now moment for your contracted, chosen Soul experience and then there are those that were simply the catalyst for past experiences or programs running due to society or childhood or a great number of other reasons. It is these programs and patterns that are easy in this current frequency band to transmute. To let go and move on from.

One way to transmute the stuck energies within is to focus your awareness upon them and simply release them, by command, by intension. (Re) Ascension takes self-awareness. Expansion cannot be completely unknown, it takes focus to move into those frequencies and hold them.

So the next time you are triggered by a person or event step into your self-awareness, go within and ask yourself what is this reaction about? Trace it back so that you can see it is a pattern or program no longer needed. And in truth you don’t even have to trace it back! Once you turn inward with your self-awareness and know your reaction and realize there is a program there that you no longer wish to run, that is all you need to release it. Then in your future time those reactions will decrease. And each time they do pop up again, turn inward and say, no this is no longer me, this pattern no longer resides within myself, and return to joy. Pull out gratitude, go to your happy place, smile or do a good work for another. Whatever method you choose to return to joy, simply do that.

For all of Humanity has the ability to transmute that which is no longer needed within the Earth experience. That is one of the foundations of (re) Ascension.