pleiadian collective​As a true multi-dimensional being you have many changes coming up. For they are upon you. This new moon July 9th is a propeller of sorts, a trampoline that will skyrocket so many into an expanded frequency that their human cells may feel they are not prepared for. It is the fireworks and the bursting open that you have seen coming for the past couple several months. It is now upon Humanity and understand that there are a great many that will not understand their sudden and rapid expansion of awareness and the renewed abilities that come with it.

Dearest one, understand the physical vessel must be prepared for the jump in frequency, for that expansion belongs to the light body and if the physical body is not on board, has not released most all of the patterns, programs, pain and suffering, those humans will experience physical issues. Of course it is easy to experience mental and emotional distress due to the rapid expanding of awareness coupled with the human non-understanding and the ego mind attempting to contain it, which is impossible. So yes, there could be a great many of those experiencing pain in many ways and we tell all of them: just let go. Accept, stay positive, and roll through it, for it is necessary for your expansion. You cannot pour water into a vace that is already full. It has been known since your days of Jesus to empty the vessel in order to fill it with pure Spirit, Divine Source Energy.
So for those that are experiencing pain or suffering or trauma or much discomfort during this time we ask you to focus on accepting and letting go and staying absolutely neutral and focusing on the positive in life. If your only choices of emotions are neutral or positive then how would you react in any given situation? Practice that.
For those that have been releasing and dissolving all that no longer serves their highest good and their highest joy, you are ready. For them we would say, accept all that comes by. Whether it be more telepathy or more empathic-ness or more connection to what you call higher dimensions. Accept it all. Know that you are safe, you are always protected and provided for, for you are Spirit itself. So when you begin to shift timelines or come in contact with galactic beings and you feel it is happening to you rather than you initiating it, remind yourself that you are safe and you are a multidimensional being of unconditional love and Divine Light, therefore these experiences are wonderful progressions of returning to True Self. Replace fear with excitement or in the very least, curiosity. Just as the others, remain neutral or positive and just roll with it and you will find that you integrate these experiences and these abilities very quickly, for this is part of (re)Ascension. 
Also, there are very few that would pop into 5D New Earth without a clue of what’s going on, for they need their personal vibration to resonate with 5D in order to see it, experience it and remain in that experience. So, in essence, the only way you would ascend is if you are open and accepting about (re)Ascension. So the minute you begin having an experience tell yourself that you are safe and protected, tell yourself that you are excited and curious and can’t wait to understand this experience and then sit back and enjoy it. Ask questions, learn more, trigger your memories because we guarantee that you started here and you put the veil upon yourself so it is simply you returning to this resonance which you have experienced in your infinite Source-ness.
Enjoy the ride Dearest Ones for it is getting really fun!