July 2022 cocooningWe’ve been in a cocoon working deeply on the inner world and the outer world is going to start to show the changes. So if you’ve been feeling stagnant or on hold believe me you’re not, you’ve been doing the inner work. 

Also now that we’re all more empathic and becoming much more aware of being interconnected, the chasm between ascending humans can no longer be as vast, therefore some of us feel like we’re on hold because we’re kind of an essence waiting for others to catch up.
Since the crown chakra has been starting  to merge with Source since the Solstice a big change is happening to many: instead of talking to guides or our soul or seeing and hearing and sensing outside of us like we’re having a conversation, it’s turned into the essence within communicating on almost just a knowing level.
So that merging within of other aspects of your soul self and the merging of the crown, third eye & root chakras allow us to move through change much more easily.
To move from the physical body into a lightbody state humans need to clear out their emotional body. Cellular memory is moving up to the unity consciousness, leaving the physical body so if a lot of that comes up just wave goodbye. There’s no processing needed for that’s the old way. The new way is to just merge into the higher frequency and everything below dissolves. 
So remember, we’re not stagnant, we’re cocooning through the changes, easing our way into it!