Jumping Timelines​I asked what is the next step in our evolution, re Ascension? My Arcturian Collective comes back with:  there are not steps, it is a sliding scale much like your volume knob on your electronics. You can go up, down, forward, back, expand, contract. There is only one process, opening yourself, expanding your personal vibration and as you continue to do so you will find more connections, coincidences, abundance, You move more and more into your Multi-Dimensional Self. Once you have connected to a great degree you will find that you are living in that higher state of being, which is a higher Dimension. Many of you call it your 5th Dimensional New Earth. You will see when you are inviting a higher vibration, you are free to go most anywhere. You have that ability. Whether it is New Earth or Venus or an Arcturian Starship or Pleiadian one, it does not matter. Your intention will transport you wherever you focus.

We see one of the biggest hurdles for humans as they re-ascend and expand their vibration is the ability to participate in simultaneous realities. We understand that in third dimension it is perceived that you only have access to 1 reality, 1 timeline 1 action 1 unfoldment. But the truth is you are everywhere at once doing everything. That is what we wish for you to practice in your 3D life. If you were going to go to the store and you chose not to, while you’re sitting at home you picture yourself at the store, picking up groceries, taking items off your list. Imagine it until it feels real. Imagine how you can sit at home while you go to the grocery store. Another exercise you may find quite helpful is switching very quickly from reality to reality or timeline jumping as humans call it.
Go within, reconnect with your Multi-Dimensional Mind and intend yourself on New Earth. Participate in that reality for a few minutes then intend yourself on a Pleaidian Starship and participate fully in that reality for a few minutes. Next put yourself in a certain situation, perhaps an Arcturian Starship and participate in that. Then begin to switch from one reality to another slowly and then, like that volume knob, turn it up and go faster. You will find you come to a point that you can easily connect to all three just as if you were cooking dinner with three burners on your stove top going at once. You can see them all. You simply turn to focus on each one a little more, seeing that the others do not go away, they’re just a bit in the background or just not as concentrated on as the primary one. We ask that you practice this exercise daily and you will find yourself far more anchored in your Multi-Dimensional Beingness.