Lion's Gate 2020It is August 6th, two days before the Lionsgate, so I’m asking my peeps so what’s going on. Is this reality a huge energetic gateway and what is it going to usher in?

My dearest one it is a very intense gateway portal for Humanity. Of time for Earth. We see it as a beautiful expansion of frequency and the opportunity to help up level as you call it for so many. Many of Humanity are saying, I have spent the past couple months coming up with a lot of patterns and programs and great many of you ever released. Those that have not have the folly of holding on and they don’t feel great at the hands of resistance.
This gateway has been ramping up for a week or so in your time and will continue for another week or so after Saturday. Understand that opening up a gateway is simply making more expanded frequencies more available to more of Humanity. It is a welcome event not a feared one! If Humanity shifted their thoughts and beliefs to expectation and excitement for the opportunity upon them they would feel so many new frequencies. They were to up-level so much and remember the point of (re)Ascension is to continue climbing those stairs, continue expanding awareness at every opportunity. Hence, my Beloved, you do understand that and as you expand your awareness you literally come up and out of the frequencies where suffering resides. And that is, after al,l one of Humanity’s greatest desires, to end suffering.
So what can humans do on a specific date in time? We would say meditate everyday not only on the Lion’s Gate. Know and expect it to be a very intense day and the word intense does not have to be negative. If you are expecting a grand up-level you shall see one. And that is your goal, to experience as many higher, more expansive frequencies as possible,  up-leveling, expanding your awareness and your personal vibration within the frequencies 5D & Beyond.
So take time out during your days even if it is only 2 minutes, and sit quietly and focus on your inner self. Remember and remind yourself that you are pure Source energy and the spark of the universe resides within. Return to that spark, feel your Oneness, feel the zero point energy where all dissolves and you are the nothingness of the All. Spend a minute or two breathing beautiful Source frequency into your human body. Feel your human body dissolve into your sparkling energetic Lightbody. Practice every day and you will see how easy it becomes to reach your inner Source spark and stay there. After all, it is possible to walk the path of Source while in Humanity and as humans say, practice makes perfect. So we say it again, be excited and expectant of the beautiful opportunity that is presenting itself during Lion’s gate. Sit quietly and enter the calm many times throughout the day, going inward and feeling your spark of pure Source energy. Merge into that spark until you feel your human self dissolve into zero point field of the Universe for it is a beautiful experience always.
If you feel you’re having difficulty merging, use whatever tools you have at your disposal. Whether it be crystals or music or asking your angels and guides for assistance. Call upon whatever it is that helps you merge into pure Source energy. You will see as you practice that you will cease to need the assistance and you will train yourself to drop in quickly and automatically.
I ask, what happens when we drop into the zero point field during a very powerful gateway? My dear one, it happens every time you drop in oh, the powerful gateways only amplify what is already happening. When you reach zero point and you are in bliss, samadhi, complete Oneness, that is when your Multi-Dimensional Self upgrades your human components so to speak, for (re)Ascension as a process of re-calibrating your DNA and tuning on the higher expressions of DNA while turning off the lower / no longer needed. So know that every time you drop it in you are re-calibrating Your Divine blueprint to a higher vibration thus living in a higher dimension. Enjoy!