Lion's Gate 2021The Lions Gate on 8/8, which can be thought of as a huge Sirian portal opening, is ushering in a massive up leveling for Humanity and Earth. I have said before that  Gaia already lives multi-dimensionally and experiences 3D alongside of us simply to enhance and support our experience, not because she’s stuck here due to anything humans do..

It is our Souls that sent an aspect of Self, a Soul Spark, into Humanity to experience 3D and the (re)Ascension process, back to 5D. While the chasm between 3D and 5D has grown bigger over the pandemic the Lions Gate will usher in a major up leveling of Humanity, closing that gap to a good degree.
What does that mean for us? Well, for those that are teachers, guides, light workers, way showers, we will have a much easier go of it as we do not have to contract as much to meet clients where they are. Although we can consistently clear ourselves, think of our bodies as magnetic, we are always bringing some of the lower vibration back with us and there are times where it’s hard to return to our higher vibration when we’ve gone through an event or a session that was extremely intense.
For people that are newly Awakening, this quantum uplevel allows you the ability to raise your vibration, expand your frequency, to a good degree at once, which means you understand more and can process the changes easier and experience less Ascension symptoms. For awareness is the first step in this and many other processes and this quantum up level brings in so much more awareness to all of Humanity. And yes, that means many changes on our planet, in all our systems: food, government, health, so much more. Less fear and more love changes the landscape of this 3D Earth game!
So this weekend many people will feel knocked out, totally out of it, unable to keep up their usual tasks, routines. So please give yourselves a break, use your awareness to see the shift flow with the process. Cut yourself some slack, just breathe and flow. We all come out of it next week healthier happier and at a much higher vibration. One that will play out for the better in the rest of 2021!