LionsGate MeditationIt’s the Lionsgate Portal, 8/8, a Sirian Gateway / Corridor of intense focused energy. This energy propels you to move forward, out of your patterns and towards your dreams.

So many of us have been feeling the ups and downs the past few weeks, flipping between adrenaline and exhaustion, often multiple times a day! This is a symptom of clearing out conditioning, patterning and programming from this life and other lives.

The best way I’ve seen to handle all that’s coming up, release it and move forward is:

  1. Step back into awareness and recognize you’ve been triggered or feelings of anxiety are amping up.

2. Then accept it, no judgement, no criticism. I often tell myself, that happened! That phrase helps keep me neutral.

3. Then ask, “How do I release this and move forward?”
Who are you asking? Your Soul, Guides, Angels, God, Source, it’s all the same Oneness energy in the end!

4. Next, take everything as a sign or answer. I mean everything!

It is our choice to be happy, be positive, have faith and trust.
So when I see something I label “good” I note that’s a sign that I’m letting go and upleveling! If it’s “bad” then I take it as a sign to shift directions. But everything is an answer, a signal, as the Universe is always working for you!

Archangel Aurora tells us, “Dearest ones we recognize the current energies are very intense for most all humans, whether you are releasing or calling in. Know that slowing down this clearing process does not serve you other than to prolong self-suffering. As Souls you have contracted to propel yourselves through this unstable energetic time period to anchor in higher frequencies of creation.”

“For you are in the higher frequencies of creation right now, you simply don’t see them when you are mired in old patterns of behavior and beliefs. Once you step into Divine neutrality and simply observe your reactions, your thoughts and beliefs, you can ask yourself, how does this serve me? And you’ll find the old patterns no longer serve.”

“And you already deeply know what you wish to choose, how you wish to be. Remember when you choose to step forward you automatically step out of the old pattern, thus it triggers you less and less until it is no longer in your field.”

“We are always cheering you on, loving you, supporting you, holding the frequency for you! Call upon us, talk with us, ask for help. It is given!”