Lunar eclipse May 2022May 15 marks a powerful Lunar Eclipse, only weeks after the Solar Eclipse Escalator. It is a further propelling into higher frequencies! Be prepared for sudden shifts and to anchor in the new in your life. While breakdown to breakthrough is still very much humanity’s theme, we can make the process easier by breathing, accepting, flowing through that which is in our fields. The old adage, this too shall pass, is very relevant this eclipse season so take note, find calm and balance where ever possible, whether that be stepping out of work, home, relationship long enough to observe your thoughts and feelings and find higher resonance ones. We are very much in the thick of things, on a very skyrocketing trajectory, with no turning back. 2022 is quite intense and the more we allow and accept the easier this trajectory will be. Faith and trust that the new is worth it, is arriving, is what we asked for!