intention releases patterns and programsThe Lunar Eclipse this year is bringing up to the surface so many patterns and programs to be accepted, shifted, released, dissolved. We are heading into a powerful end of 2021 with this eclipse kicking it off, only to be followed with the Solar Eclipse 12/3-4, the always explosive 12/12 and the final wrap-up on the Winter Solstice 12/21.

Remember, on a Soul level, we programmed these dates to initiate this frequency expanding events. For we are in the midst of Ascension – or reAscension as I call it since we all came from the Divine and we are returning from the fog of forgetfulness to our True Selves, the Divine. So as we programmed these dates, they are but an alarm clock sounding the start of another upleveling, another remembering, another re-integration and re-alignment.

I find the easiest way to get through the intensity of these events and the magnitude of energies is to acknowledge, accept, surrender and flow. Yep, just see what has floated to the surface – or strongly triggered you emotionally. See it, accept it, decide if you would like to continue that belief or behavior then state you’re ready to release it, dissolve it, toss it, your choice. And let it flow through you and out. For good. And if it comes back into play remind yourself that it is dissolved, it no longer has an effect on you. Thank you, I’m good, you can go!

Remind yourself that these potent times also usher in the new, bringing hints, tastes, or the whole enchilada. So if something or someONE pops into your awareness and it isn’t all that you want but it’s a great start in that direction, acknowledge it! Pause, accept what it, decide what to do with it and flow. Thank the Universe, God, Angels, the stars or your Aunt Matilda for bringing it into your life, know that it is a hint that you’re getting closer to manifesting your dreams.

For manifesting in human form is not always an instant process. We abide by time and space, both tricky items when one is coordinating a million little things to make two people meet or a job to be offered.

Have faith in yourself this Eclipse-Solstice season, use your awareness, focus on the positive and know that all is coming to fruition!