Kabalah tree of life DNAI’m always told, Energy Precedes Action. So we felt so much energy in February but few moved into action. It was like seeing the movement, colors, feelings of the new, the manifested, but not being able to touch it. Archangel Michael reminded me, it’s a cocoon. Where we clear a great level of cellular memory to allow higher dimensional cellular knowing to arise while realigning our human DNA to create the space and coherence to activate our multi-dimensional DNA. Yes we all have both! And the more we use our intuition the more we call in the MD DNA. And conversely, the more we go inward to the zero point space and call in the MD DNA the more our intuition comes online! It works both ways and is becoming easier and easier as days go by so keep focusing on letting in the hints, symbols and answers Source, your Soul, Guides, etc. are sending you!

Archangel Aurora tells us, “Dear Ones, if February was the cocoon then March is the metamorphosis. For it is time for the butterfly to break through the cocoon so that you may fly. You are starting to experience quantum leaps in your awareness, your memories, and your up leveling. This is why we brought forth such cellular memory clearing last month. So with the human density of memories and trauma releasing now the memories of your true self can surface. Expect everything to speed up, not only time. Your love life, your career, decisions and choice points you’ve been ruminating on. It is all speeding up for the momentum has gathered and now energy is shifting powerfully into creation. Into action.”

Solaran Council tells us, “Your Sun is participating greatly in your evolution right now, your expansion. The speed with which you remember, you grow, you explore, you achieve, is fueled by the Sun’s energy. So do not be in fear of the solar flares and the spots and all of the stories that you are reading in your media of the solar disruptions. For the truth of it is, these are not disruptions – they are expansions. The incoming frequencies are for you to increase your awareness of your true multi-dimensional nature. It is important now to really focus on, put energy and intention into, your dreams. What do you wish to accomplish now in this life? Is it a new career? A new romantic relationship? A new home? A new country? Now is the time to energetically fuel those dreams and harness the sun’s manifesting energy to create them in your reality. The ride is speeding up so trust that you are on it and that you can handle every new opening, awakening, quantum leap your experiencing now and through your eclipse season into the summer solstice.”