MOther's Day Light BodyIt’s Mother’s Day today and I feel all of our galactic brethren around me. Why are there are so many beings, collectives, so close to our frequency today? And they reply, especially in your country, love from others, the love and compassion and beautiful feelings of Joy are pouring out today and that raises your planetary vibration, the vibration of humanity, so much that that which was hidden is no longer. It is more visible not only to you but just so many other lightworkers, as you call yourselves. This is a beautiful day to spread the joy and watch as so many others reactivate their multi-dimensional DNA, travel to their True Self. This is a momentous day indeed. We are very thrilled for your assistance, for we are vibrating, emanating our frequency in all your time on your planet. there is nothing like humans themselves raising their own vibration. That is so very powerful!

Enjoy this expansion, revel in it, encode it in your DNA so that you may always return to this frequency, for as you return for yourself, for your enjoyment, you are also returning in service to all. Returning to expanding the vibration across your planet. So we ask you revel in it, memorize it, know it to be your true nature, this excitement, this joy, this visual of so many other beings that are actually here with you.

Remember for yourself than in this frequency, in this expansion, you no longer need to suffer the effects of 3D Earth. You no longer need to experience sadness, fear, suffering. In this vibration you can easily create all that you desire. And we are not talking materialistically, we are referring to the joy within your heart, the reconnection to your Soul Self, for it is that joy and bliss and contentment that brings anything else you could want in your life. And why? Because that joy expands your personal vibration and puts you into 5th Dimension, into New Earth, and that is where your dreams of expanded awareness lie.

It is not creating it in this reality or timeline. It is already waiting for you in another timeline and raising your vibration is how you reach it. How you reach all that you desire, all that you’ve known to be true, to be possible.

Look at your skin, feel your Light Body shimmering above your arms & above your legs. See yourself expanding into your Light Body, knowing you are bigger than this body you hold on Earth. Feel the expansion, feel the shimmering, feel your Multi-Dimensional Self uniting with The One, The All, Unity Consciousness. When you are in this state all is possible. In your Light Body, in your Multi-Dimensional Consciousness you will feel and sense other realities, other timelines. It then becomes easy to shift your focus to another timeline and enjoy the experience of that reality.