Post Lee Harris Transmissions 2020After yesterday’s class I slept about 10 straight hours and I still feel very nebulous today so I am out on the land hiking. I called in Archangel Aurora and Archangel Michael and all the Archangels came in and I also called in my peeps, which are different collectives of beings, higher versions of my Self and Source.

I ask, why am I so out of it this morning? I hear: Everyone received exactly what they needed yesterday. It is different for everyone for the frequency, you could say, is self-tuning. Some have no capacity to absorb very much at all and others absorb and ask for more. So know that what happened in yesterday’s transmission you would term as a great DNA re-calibration and a huge leap forward into returning to your original magnetic blueprint, the blueprint of yourself for what is (re)Ascension other than returning to your True Self, frequency by frequency, expanding inch by inch. And yes you and many others are and have been expanding by miles and miles. And as we stated through Lee yesterday there is no difference between those opening1 inch and thinking maybe they are a bit empathic and those like you that are extremely wide open and expansive for Current Earth. For each of you has a mission and a blueprint and a plan and fulfilling it is your passion in this life. There are those who would like to fulfill the path of staying unawakened for an entire Ascension!
Very many of you did a great deal of journeying and integrating during your sleep last night and many of those in different time zones chose to take a nap to do the same. You know this. that your Soul wants you turn off your human brain so the Multi-Dimensional mind can work its magic.
So what now I ask? Now you simply integrate the love and compassion and beauty of all that you feel within. You feel blessed to witness and understand your journey and there are many that have contracted to begin opening and not fully understand or to immediately reach overwhelm. Remember that which the few of you do millions are feeling.Now you begin to understand why now is the time. You know this, remember it is all perfect and divine, those are your affirmations. This is the perfect timing.