Fall 2021 Portals and GatewaysUnderstand that a portal or a gateway can be any event or situation that inspires you to uplevel. Whether it’s something you read or hear or a promotion or an argument, notice an energetic doorway appear and walk through it in order to shift your perceptions and release patterns, programs and trauma which is no longer needed. For every time we expand our frequency, uplevel our vibration, we release more of the 3D human patterning that holds us in duality. This is not to say we’re going to fly off the planet or move to 5D immediately, it is a state of being far long before it is a place. Humanity is shifting and the more we’re able to step through that doorway into a higher frequency of unity and divine neutrality, the more it assists the rest of Humanity to do the same, thus all of these old Collective patterns dissolve more & more. It is difficult to see and for some to even believe that the Collective patterns are releasing and we are moving into higher frequencies (note current international affairs) but it is nonetheless true and putting to good use your faith and trust will further raise your vibration.

Every time you choose the higher road, send love rather than judgment, remain in the divine neutrality, you are helping others to ascend as well as yourself, for we are all truly connected and ascending daily. And 5D again is a state of being far before it is a place so we are not popping out of this game we are simply upleveling the game, Humanity, and Gaia – well she’s upleveling herself but that’s another story!
November and December are going to bring very powerful gateways from the new moon & full moon to the lunar eclipse, solar eclipse and winter solstice. So expect very many opportunities to choose neutrality and love & compassion for the rest of 2021 as it’s going to be very intense fluctuating energies, which can be used as constant leaps up in frequency. Use it as a springboard! Remember you choose whether you sink or swim. You do not have to drown in the energies, you have the choice to say thank you Universe, this is propelling me to the next vibrational band, the next higher frequency. Then reach for your multi-dimensionality and embrace the beautiful energies that come from change.