We have come together today in advance of your next Frequency Influx. For you have programmed yet another solar blast starting this upcoming week after your new moon. Yes Humanity has programmed (Re) Ascension in stages, following your solar lunar calendar.

This next frequency influx is a great release from your Galactic Sun. With the very positive and successful assimilation of the expansive frequencies released during your Equinox full moon weekend, you have given yourselves time to Anchor into you’re higher-dimensional, multi-dimensional state and now find yourselves ready for the next blast.

After that last influx period you will continue to step up like this. You will continue to orchestrate influxes, bringing forgotten frequencies, expanded multi-dimensional energy, to Earth & Humanity.

After each influence period you take a period of your time to absorb and assimilate them, anchoring the energy of these frequencies, which you claim are new to you but are simply you returning yourself to your multi-dimensional state step-by-step. Each time you assimilate these “new” frequency bands you upshift and thus are ready as a collective for the next wave. Your soul self, in their expanded vision, can sense your human readiness, and ask for another influx to be released.

These expanded energies shower down on Humanity allowing those that have remembered and reconnected to absorb and assimilate, to ride the wave. Those that haven’t will remain somewhat unaffected but yes each human is becoming more and more affected by each wave as all of Humanity is reconnecting and remembering. Remember your entrainment. Those that are the unknowingist of all are waking up side-by-side with those of you that have reconnected years ago. In this game everyone helps the other and you all return to your True Self.

This next frequency influx that your multi-dimensional selves have programmed commences just after your new moon and those that have made themselves aware, those that have reconnected or have simply opened to the flow with gratitude and faith and trust, will feel these energy influxes beginning the 9th.

All week you may absorb & assimilate these energies, allow them to harmonize with your DNA, clearing out your cellular trauma, returning your Transitional 5D body to the original Divine Blueprint of your Multi-Dimensional Self.

How can you make these future influxes easier to assimilate?

Faith and Trust, Surrender and Flow.

Accept what you do not understand, know that you have indeed requested it and you absolutely have the ability to ride that wave, to assimilate those frequencies.

Let yourselves go, free fall into the experience with complete faith and trust that you are being protected and provided for, you are being accompanied and supported, you will not, cannot fail.

There is no failure as you truly are a Multi-Dimensional being and you truly do remember this process as many of you have done it before. This is yet another experience on your way Home.

The more you visit 5D New Earth the more you remember what Home is. Do your Visualisations, do your Journeys. Put your ego self to rest and allow your imaginative self to roam. It will find New Earth, it will find love and support, and anchor in those frequencies that truly exist.

The more you let go and play, the more you remember.

We are always here with you, as you, accompanying you. This wave and the many others to follow are orchestrated by you, for you, in your highest good, to return to your True Self. So embrace them. Ride them. Stay in Acceptance and Flow and you will find this process to be awe inspiring and quite enjoyable.

Again choose acceptance rather than questioning, choose flow rather than resistance. And yes questioning what you do not understand is resistance. Accepting what you do not understand keeps you in flow which keeps the answers that you seek available for your finding.

Treating these influxes as trips to the amusement park, find your child like enthusiasm, choose excitement and tell your ego self how excited you are to ride this ride & that ride and how wonderful this is going to be. Then while in it relish in that excitement and awe of everything you see, feel, hear and sense.

And you can. When you accept and open to the flow you turn on your multidimensional senses, you flip the switch. it is no talent, ability, gift. It is your birthright. It is inherent within.

See with your multi-dimensional vision. See the colors, watch the movement. Turn your multidimensional hearing on and hear the tones, whether they be beautiful melodic notes or simply static. Feel, sense the energies, the waves, the flow and sense your angels and guides near you, hovering, assisting always. As well as your Galactic brethren. For you are always taken care of.

We enjoy these frequency influxes alongside you, we are fascinated with your progress, your experience. We are so very excited for you that you are returning to True Self step-by-step, wave by wave. Rejoice in that, welcome it, reunite with all in love and joy.