I first went up to my Pleiadian Starship with my Commander self and my Pleiadian self Elontra and her partner Pri. After we communicated a bit they morphed into our Oversoul which is more like an 8th or 9th dimensional androgynous being. If you think of a vertical line from our source so self all the way down to our human self he’s 2/3 the way up the line, give or take.

I could feel the beautiful balance of masculine and feminine within my Oversoul, very white, crystalline energy. I actually “stepped within” them (as it’s neither he nor she) and it was like a crystal sparkly shower washing so much off of me and then we ended up in the healing pod room of the Pleiadian Starship and I laid down on the table/bed and it was like colored rings of light went from the head to the foot of the table, engulfing the whole table like one of those magic tricks. The rings were lot of pinks and purples, I didn’t really see other colors. So I lay on the table as I recalibrated my DNA moving more into my Light Body. (This is a very clearing journey for anyone to take, returning to your ship and to the healing pod or recalibration unit and observing your experience)

Then we found ourselves on New Earth as my Oversoul kind of stood behind me, being about 8 feet tall 9 ft tall, hands on my shoulders. We were in my usual place, like a a village outside the woods, and people gathered around and asked who the being was with me and my Oversoul explained they want me to call he/she/it a them.

They explained  they are my Oversoul and we each have one. Then they asked everyone to connect with their own Oversoul and suddenly these beautiful white tall crystalline beings popped up behind most everyone. The few people that couldn’t connect, I walked over and touched each one of them, us holding the other’s forearms. I did that and it assisted them to connect and their Oversouls popped in.

My Oversoul explained it is time to connect on a higher level, expand even further, move more into your Light Body. So we stood and watched as all these 5th dimensional New Earth inhabitants communed with their Oversouls. The Oversouls didn’t call it meditation, they said commune, as in become one in a sense, while keeping your body as I had, intact.

Next my Oversoul showed me all the Starships just outside our orbit and all the frequencies they’re emanating to the planet, very strong ones building up to these eclipses. Then they took me to the Solar Elohim, the collective of beings, a Council if you will, located on Earth’s Sun. As you remember we have three eclipses coming up so our Sun is blasting us in the most beautiful way to help us jump to our next expansion point.

I greet the Solar Elohim with much love & my Oversoul floated behind me, hands on my shoulders as before. I opened the conversation with, so we have eclipses coming up, what does that mean for us?

“Our dearest one, your humanity is on a path, a trajectory that cannot be turned back. You have expanded into frequencies, vibrations, that you would never have imagined reaching before. And yes you are far more expansive than you lead yourselves to believe. The victim mentality held by Humanity puts them at lower expectations, lower beliefs. The truth is you are a molecule away from 5th Dimension. So many of you are. ”

“The Veil, as you call it, is so thin it is quite simple for you to transverse. Yes, you can hop back and forth, and not just you who practice it regularly, but most all of humanity. ”

“And remember, never forget this. When the majority of humanity reaches New Earth, expands their frequency, then the rest shall follow. It is your basic entrainment, osmosis. Where most go, the rest follow. ”

“We will tell you the during this eclipse period from your mid July to mid August your grid workers, as you call them, will harness many portals. Many new timelines are being harnessed as the old ones release, fall away. Imagine of beautiful layers and levels, just as you would see a rainbow. The lower levels fall out, dissolve, not being supported anymore. Those are timelines from Third Dimension / 3D that simply cannot survive in a higher frequency so they dissolve into love and light so they may be utilized for new levels and layers of higher dimensional frequency. ”

(*From my experience I believe that all exists, we simply become aware of it. Therefore we don’t open a portal, it has always been there, functioning fully. We simply become aware it it so we may harness it for our evolution. As in the uptown subway still exists even if you’ve only ever used the downtown one.)

“The lower levels continue to dissolve as the higher levels continue to be created. Those are timelines, realities. When you see great change in your life, like a new job or a new romance, that is a lower timeline dissolving and a newer timeline anchoring in. ”

“Remember you have only a certain level of bandwidth within that physical 4th Dimensional body. 3rd Dimension is all but gone. 5th Dimension is quite anchored in on New Earth and comes in bits and pieces to your Current Earth.”

” The bandwidth within your non-Lightbody, within your physical body, is a bit finite we shall call it. You can only fully recognize so many frequencies within your bandwidth of corporeal body. As you expand further and further your capacity for bandwidth also increases, which is how 5th dimensional beings can see into 7th Dimension, 8th Dimension and Beyond. ”

“Yes you’re asking then why can you see all of that and we will tell you that you maintained your bandwidth when you incarnated. Your bodily bandwidth, and that of other Lightworkers as they are called on your planet, is far greater than your average human. There are criminals with very small bandwidth and there are newborns with very very wide and expansive bandwidth. Fear narrows bandwidth and love, joy, excitement, vulnerability, expand bandwidth. Hence the bit finite. Nothing is ever really finite in any Dimension but you will find that you have a range within your corporeal body that fluctuates continuously to a degree, based on your thoughts, emotions and actions. That is why your law of attraction bring some more to you and why people who have great fear contraction live a small life.”

“The key to the Ascension of humanity into New Earth, fully into 5D, is in continually expanding the individuals’ bandwidth while continuing to dissolve lower timelines and realities, beliefs & programming, and accepting and acclimating into one’s bandwidth body higher timelines, new realities, expanded perceptions and beliefs. It is a constant flow just as the Torus exists.”

“this is what we the solar Elohim assist in. The Blast From the Sun, the opening of new portals, the adjustment of Earth’s magnetic field and the frequencies that surround Earth grid, all are here to assist in dissolving a lower timelines and creating the higher ones. Increasing your bandwidth as you continually bring in the more expansive timelines, realities, beliefs and perceptions.”

“You asked for a bit of advice on how to handle the next month or two. Open to it! Flow with it! We are here assisting all of you. Accept it, flow with it, embrace it, feel enamored by it, feel grateful for it, swim in it, bathe in it, love in it.”

” There will come a time in your reality that you will physically, emotionally , spiritually, mentally, etherically understand each up-leveling. Recognize it, feel it coming on, know to take yourself out of the game, out of your human doings, quiet yourself and knowingly release whatever old timelines are ready to go and knowingly bring in new realities with the love and excitement and curiosity of what they’re bringing into your life.”

” If as many as you can, do this, you will see great strides towards New Earth in this calendar year of yours. We are here for you as always we do not just blast you, we protect you, we enable your growth, we are here for you and with you, as you, as the One, in Unity.”

” We are always present to answer your questions and to assist you. If you feel any of these up-levels / shifts are difficult or confusing, call on us! Quiet yourself and commune with us. We shall assist as higher dimensional beings, including as your Oversouls.”

“This is a team game, you are never alone. We are very proud of you, very thrilled for you, living through you and with you and for you. Always remember that and always call on us.”

I show them a picture of my Venusian sisters who are on 6D Venus and they remark, ” yes! Your sisters are always present to make things easier for you, to make adjustments more beautiful for you. call on them, call on all beings, any beings of pure love and light. For those that wish, call on God. We are all Source, we will all assist you in this beautiful up-leveling, as the leaps you are all to make in the next month shall truly be profound. So call on us and allow us to support you. Surrender, release, flow, call-in, embrace, and know.”

I then did a little process where I pictured my torroidal field and commanded the release of programs, patterns, lower timelines, and brought in and embraced higher timelines, showing my excitement for what was physically to come in these timelines.

image edited from freepik.com