Arcturians are showing me the new frequencies on the planet. All different shades of teal moving into blue and they’re telling me these are the new frequencies for me to bring down. I see that they feel like home, like Arcturus. And I hear, yes they are imbued with our terrain energy to help many on Earth feel and remember their Arcturian roots. I asked if everyone is getting these frequencies and they say it’s different for each member of Humanity. There are many humans that are already bringing about certain frequencies on this planet while others have never felt their touch in this incarnation. So it is different frequencies for different people so that all frequencies may surround, and be absorbed by, Humanity and Gaia to facilitate the remembering / (Re) Ascension.

So I spent some time playing in the frequencies, experiencing them almost as horizontal bands of color and light in varying shades. My usual, the Pleiadian shades of turquoise and magenta and burgundy, healing frequencies shift into cool blue ones that wash over me and I get that calmness, detachedness, the the scientific Objective Observer aspect of my Arcturian Collective.

And they tell me there is more. “There are more frequencies you can pull down at any NOW moment In your existence. For they are all swirling around, waiting to be acknowledged and utilized. Remember we are all here to assist Humanity in their remembering, their return to True Self. Anytime you have a free moment, close your eyes and picture the frequencies as colors in the sky, the energetic colors zipping through the cosmos and through your atmosphere. Find yourself pulling them in with your desire and attention, pulling them to Humanity so that they’re swirling above your heads, between people, within and without rather than far above.”

“Feel the colors absorb into yourself, into Gaia, and notice the feelings you feel with each one of these frequencies, these color bursts. How do you feel with these colors? Now choose another color to bring through and within. How does that color feel within your human self? You can spread the color throughout the planet in a grand way or you can harness the frequency of that color and zap particular people with it. ”

“Imagine strangers on the street in other cities and lovingly zap them with the color. Take your friends and surround them in a bubble of this beautiful color, tone and frequency. It matters not how you do it so have fun with it. It is already being blasted, delivered through your atmosphere into Humanity, always and ever. Your participation simply solidifies it in its’ mission to assist Humanity in (Re) Ascension.”

“Use your imagination, your inner sight, your multi-dimensional vision, to see these frequencies as color waves or rays or even bursts and watch them swirl around people watch them be absorbed within people and watch people wake up, notice, and realize the difference. Watch as a Human expands, becoming more aware and watch that person connect with New Earth for the first time, with 5D Humans. Understand that their opening was due in part to you emanating these new frequencies within and without their being.”

“Then come back to your own Self, see the frequencies, the different colors hear the different tones circulating within and without yourself. Watch those frequencies blow away cellular memories, patterns, programs that are no longer needed in your Earth experience. Watch them dissolve and transmute, be filled with Divine Light and feel yourself lighter and brighter and more expansive.”

“Then focus your attention in the distance, seeing your 5D Earth as you know it, whether it’s a village or a city or field. Whether there is one human or a whole group coming to meet you, watch them approach, giving you hugs or emanating love and walk with them to your new favorite New Earth spot. Spend a few moments noting what you see and hear and feel in New Earth. What is New Earth to you? Do you notice more people there? Are there any people there that you recognize? Immerse yourself in those frequencies, those emanations, memories, actions, for a few minutes, noting all that you participate in. When you are ready return your multi-dimensional awareness, your primary focus, back to your human body. ”

“How do you feel now? Bring that expansion, that love, with you as you go about your day. Emanate towards everyone and everything you encounter and even send it to that which you don’t encounter..”

Continue this experience as often as you wish and you will find yourself in your multi-dimensional state more often and for longer periods of time, for it is simply a shift in primary focus.