Darkness and LightYesterday was the Lions gate and starting the night before I very much felt the thinning of the veil. I had visitations by so many beings that I don’t usually communicate with.

Today I spoke with the Solar Elohim, the name I’ve given to the consciousness of the Sun. I was shown that there are many more points of opening and downloads of information for the rest of 2020. Humanity is continuing the intense shifting of the inner world and outer this year!
I then connected with my Sirian self to see how the Lion’s Gate went yesterday for Humanity and they reminded me that while for many yesterday was like dynamite blowing open a door, the gateway is still open and that is attracting and encouraging so many to expand their awareness and move into higher states of consciousness.
They showed me three different types of people, some experience what they term crazy dreams or thoughts and just discount it and move on. Which is good because in that there is no resistance so their Ascension continues. The second group has the same dreams and thoughts and they shift into fear, drawing a conclusion that something horrible is happening to them. That is pure resistance and for humans that creates their own suffering. The last group again has the same dreams and thoughts and their reaction is one of excitement and expectation. Again this is flow and they are walking through these gateways so to speak, moving into more expanded frequencies, what humans call higher frequencies, expanding their awareness and returning to true self.
For many in the fear group they will reach out, seek help, and find for themselves that there is nothing to fear. The fact that we are so much more than we think we are is a beautiful thing. Enjoy!