Actively Choose Your VibrationIt is all coming together. The year that Humanity has endured with this global pandemic has been not for naught. It was a very necessary process in order to release the bonds and cords and attachments that humans developed so easily. While it is easily understood that if you want to build a new building where an old decrepit one stands you must blow it up, knock it down, then you can clear out the debris and rebuild. There are those that have been clearing out debris for months and there are those that have been picketing around the old building trying to preserve anything they may. And there are those that have been giddily awaiting the rebuild or have been collecting information for the rebuild not understanding they’re already rebuilding.

This is a rebuilding month. Call it creation, call it manifestation, whatever you wish, but many are rebuilding this month. So, what do you want your life to look like? What do you want it to be? Career, love, health, and most importantly, inner joy and happiness and contentment. What would make you smile all day everyday? (And not winning the lottery) What could you feel within your life to feel contentment?
And we will give you the answer. Once you choose to feel contentment in your life all around, you will change to match that feeling. Remember this every time you have an incident or situation or event or person. When you reach for happiness within it is reflected without. For  the Universe always reflects that which is radiated, emanated
So yes humans the answer is you have to get happy within yourself before your world can be happy around you. But the good news for you is that it is going to be far easier energetically to move into the space of contentment and hold it.
How, you ask? Give you some examples? Change your thoughts. Change your feelings. Remind yourself in every moment that you, the unity consciousness within you, actually governs your human brain and ego mind, so every time something comes up that will knock you off your pedestal you have the control to change it. You have the ability to say no, I choose happiness. I see this event and I feel for those involved and I am not happy that I’m pulled into this event and I do not care for the feelings and thoughts running through my head. So I consciously step back into the ethers, into my Lightbody, into the Field, into Source. Step back into whatever you feel supports and protects you because we always do. Step back and take a few deep centering breaths and move into your heart, move into your connections to Source. Say, give me strength, give me love, give me hope and faith to return to my center, my pedestal, during this event.
The moment you recognize that you have been sucked into the emotion and thoughts of others and it is not how you wish to be, the moment you recognize you are not being, doing, feeling how you wish to, then step back call upon your team, your Angels, Source, God, whichever, because we are all surrounding you for we are All One. Step back and call for support. Take your deep breaths and tell yourself, I do not reside in this frequency, I am returning to my natural joy and happiness, faith and trust. For Unity Consciousness governs this human brain and as a Multi-Dimensional Being I choose what frequency in which I reside.
Choose whatever words work for you as the importance is to recognize that you are no longer feeling happiness, step back, clear, realign, state strongly that you govern your brain and you are returning to happiness and ask for support in returning to that happiness. Use the tools in your toolkit to climb out of that hole and return to contentment and you will see all else fall away from you. And it makes it easier for you to remain in your beautiful frequency of contentment for longer periods and to return more quickly. And that is where you will see all of the new that you are creating. For during the chaos of the pandemic Humanity did sow seeds and now it is the Spring of the blossoming. picture the seeds coming through the Earth and growing and by this summer they will all be flowering.
So ask yourself today, grab a pad of paper and write it down. What do I want to create? How do I see your life in the future? What do I want my life to be like? What do I see for love and career and family and ascension? Write it all down and refer to it often for that is what you are building now. Let the creations flow knowing you are always loved, supported and the Universe is awaiting your instructions.