Releasing after the Solar EclipseSpeaking with the I Am consciousness and it was explained that all frequencies are always existent. They are always there we simply are unaware of them.

A solar eclipse is more like having the key to the lock, not bringing a portal through. Unless your definition of a portal is giving yourself the ability to expand your own consciousness in order to see that which is always there, always existent.
So what the solar eclipse ushers in is the actual DNA shift within the human body to allow viewing of the more expansive higher frequencies. And as we view higher frequencies we naturally as humans slough off the old compressed frequencies, meaning the feelings of sadness or anger and all patterns or programming that has sufficed throughout your life but can no longer survive in these expanded frequencies.
Those who are already multi-dimensional will be bathed in these higher frequencies and will find it easier to exist in higher dimensions and participate in more. 
Those that have no knowledge of this, who secured their veil when they entered 3D, many of them will feel their veil shaken. For it is simply a soul contract stated in your terms: I will wake up on this date, whether it be sudden or gradual it is all written pre-incarnation.
As a human you ask, can we change or go against our Soul contracts? As Spirit we will say was it part of your contract or was shifting and changing part of that contract? Or are you literally altering your contract on Earth? There is much for humans to remember about contracts and blueprints and Soul purposes.
And at this moment and actually all moments that is completely irrelevant. Focus on the message not the messenger. It matters not whether your Soul is contracting you to lift your veil now or tomorrow or in 10 years, what is important is if you wish to then you do so. You ask for it and you monitor and you begin to notice every point of expanded awareness until they grow and grow and grow and you practice getting into the expanded awareness until it becomes very easy to shift into full screen from the mini-screen of 3d.
Many humans are going to find themselves viewing the full screen or more easily connecting with others feelings and thoughts and they will find themselves surprised or startled or scared and those are the ones that will be needing assistance to recognize what they are now able to do.
And yes, there will be some on your planet that have released the veil and are definitely clinging to 3D and strongly ignoring, with all their might, all of the nuances of expanded awareness, attempting to keep themselves in their same human belief patterns of existence. But we will say when you have woken up there is no denying it. The symptoms, the abilities, are going to continue to expand to the point that you have no ability to stay out of multi-dimensionality. So for those wrestling, again with all their might, to stay in 3D we will say:
That which you do not choose to release in love and truth and flow will be released anyway and you will often feel it ripped from you. It is the old human adage: we can do this the hard way or the easy way. It is now the dawning of the easy way so we would urge humans feeling these symptoms to search the internet and find a teacher or mentor or friend that can assist with your reawakening. We urge you to take the easy way because reawakening is happening.
Yes there are those that are scheduled to leave and not witness reawakening at all and again that is simply a Soul choice created before birth. But for the majority on your planet you are here now to reawaken that is why you are participating in this now time. So we urge you to take the easy way and we also say with love that we are here if you choose the hard way. You can call upon us, upon Spirit, upon your angels, upon your guides, upon God itself if you so choose. Call out for help and you will find you have always been loved and supported and assisted. Feel it, know it to be true.