January 2023 retrogradesThe first month of this year of momentous new beginnings contains two retrogrades, so we ask ourselves, are we moving forward or being stuck? I firmly believe retrogrades are not a formula for destruction, they are simply a time to slow down and consider options and plan wisely.

The first few weeks of January give us the opportunity to sit down and be honest with ourselves and make a list, not of resolutions, but of actionable steps we can take this year to move in the direction of our dreams.

After a very difficult past 3 years including the massive deconstruction that was 2022 (I’ve dubbed it 365 days of demo day!), we are now standing in the clear space to create a much stronger foundation based in love, freedom and intention rather than old patterns and reactions.

The higher frequencies we are currently living in make connecting to our Guides, Angels and Soul easier, so take some time this month during the inner contemplation weeks of Mars & Mercury retrograde to really consider what you would like to call in, to achieve this year. Then make a list of what you’ll need to call in and what you’ll need to release in order to accomplish your desires.