September Equinox 2021 Uplevel​With the Equinox upon us there is yet another major shift in energy for Humanity and throughout the planet. The uplevel brought in on the Lion’s Gate of 8/8 allows many more to reach the higher frequencies and let go of the old, of that which no longer serves.

Humanity has had about 6 weeks to let go of all and fly in the new frequencies and the Equinox is fully anchoring them in and releasing the old stories, timelines and realities. Those frequencies are no longer supported in this version of Humanity and Gaia.
For those that have embraced the new, they will find much relief as the old timelines have fallen away for good and everything feels lighter, easier, more magical, shimmering.
For those that spent the past 6 weeks attempting to cling to the old and experiencing the pain, suffering and discomfort, they too will find those old timelines dropping away and they will be free falling if they do not uplevel to the new frequencies. 
Yes this can mean another exit point for many who chose not to participate in the complete journey of (re)Ascension. But have no fear, it is simply a Soul choice and they return to Source, to Oneness.
We ask you to focus on the new frequencies and the feeling of creation and lightness, of ease and speed. For that is the reality you have anchored yourself in and you will find this last quarter of the year to be the fastest moving and easily manifested arena of your life to date.
So utilize that. If you have been focused on problems in your life, whether they be emotional, mental or physical, we ask that you turn away and reach for the new frequencies, for there is still time to anchor in the new and continue this journey.
Choose magic or choose suffering. The choice is yours.