Solar Eclipse light codesThat was a very intense Solar Eclipse, bringing new light codes to the planet!

Now, what’s in store for the next month (and the rest of 2024)?

Gaia tells us, “Dear Ones, understand that the new light codes are embedded within myself, your dear planet. For there are a great many crystalline structures within Earth. You can travel in your consciousness to the Core Crystal and the Cornerstone crystals to experience a higher vibratory level that has never before been available to you. Use these frequencies, these light codes, to propel yourself to higher dimensions, higher realities, higher manifestations. Now is your time so let me fuel you. Let the trees and the rocks and the water and the air fuel you. Let the Elementals fuel you. It is not just your Guides and Angels, you have the whole Earth and everything within and on it at your disposal. So go out in nature and call in these new crystalline light codes to move yourself into 5D & beyond.”

Solaran Council agrees, “this potent solar eclipse activation contained higher, more expansive frequencies that are now embedded in humanity. Sense them, accept and use them to move yourself into a higher version of existence, a higher version of Self. And note, we are always available to guide & support you in embodying these new frequency levels. So go inward, into zero point energy, feel and sense the new light codes and call them into being.”