I ask Source / I AM Consciousness: Wremembering past liveshy do humans have these memories of being all these other beings in different times or planets or dimensions?

It is humans’ belief that they are connected directly into the I Am Consciousness therefore they are directly  connected to all the thoughts of creation for I Am has created all of the beings in all of the experiences. So when they say they are certain being, for instance you’re showing us Cleopatra. To say I was Cleopatra yes it means that they were the consciousness of Cleopatra in that life but that is because they have direct knowing through the I Am Consciousness and I Am created Cleopatra therefore they did too.
You would have believed previously that other beings, for instance Archangel Michael, put a drop of his essence within your Divine blueprint or cellular structure but the truth is now that you understand it as such, that Archangel Michael is a construct, the entire Archangelic realm is a construct of the creative force of I Am Consciousness. When you take pure Source awareness and project it into a creation you get a particular being, an experience, so it is not that you are an essence of him or anyone else, it is that is pure Source energy. You are him because you created him just as he created you because you are both Source consciousness.
So what do we do about people having this kind of torrential downpour of memories of being all these other beings or all of the remembrances of other timelines that are very similar to this one. It’s almost like they’re folding on top of each other and a human gets so overwhelmed they can’t discern which timeline they are truly in at the moment.
We see your thoughts and we see how confused humans get that open tremendously quickly to the knowledge of all other timelines and yes just as you teach in multi-dimensionality there are infinite number of timelines although humans only have physical memory of the one they are currently experiencing. What you explain to clients is correct in that when a human makes a choice there are actually many choices made at that time as there are many simultaneous timelines running parallel to the one that a human has current awareness of. Therefore if they chose a cookie then at the same time in other simultaneous parallel timelines / realities another version of them chose the cake and another chose a pie and another chose a croissant. As they open their awareness beyond the 3D parameters they see all those other choices and they watch themselves doing all these other things, having these other experiences, and it can be quite confusing if you retain enough of your 3D personality, you’re human belief system, while also experiencing the I Am consciousness. Yes it can be overwhelming as you don’t understand or you judge these other timelines as being right or wrong good or bad. If you are connecting into Source consciousness, Source awareness and you can easily experience all the timelines at once ,we suggest stepping into the Objective Observer, where you are watching these timelines because watching is participating.
I told the client yesterday to keep the timeline separate, step back put them on screen and watch all of the timelines to understand all of the experiences at once but do not judge them or label them because duality and polarity is a 3D concept and there is no good or bad, there is simply an experience. But I’m seeing that when clients open too quickly multi-dimensionally they judge good or bad and a lot of fear pops up.
Source awareness replies: remember that fear is a human construct of the personality. Fear does not exist on a Source level, for everything is Divine and perfect. Truly everything simply is. And as a construct of Source we do not consider anything to be bad for it is simply is. When a human kills another human they’re having an experience, the human isn’t dead for the human is simply a construct of Source and thereby infinite. The human is simply a spark of energy emanating from Source and cannot be snuffed out in any manner. Source creates and Source uncreates, meaning that those Sparks of energy return to Source awareness to be recreated yet again.
The information you provided for the client yesterday was exactly what was needed and true for their situation. There are many others on this planet waking up to the fact that they are the I Am consciousness, they are pure Source awareness and that is somewhat difficult to balance with a human personality that believes in duality and polarity and finite-ness.
Those reawakening can best be served by receiving the information, being guided to the realization that as pure Source awareness and the I Am consciousness they are constantly creating in multiple parallel simultaneous realities and timelines and they can easily become aware of all of them. So step back, objectively observe, participate without judgment and know that all is infinite and all is simply an experience. Accept with love for we are love and let us continue the evolution of our creations.
Creating / Manifesting
It is true that all humans are pure Source awareness and you have the ability to create infinite creations. By staying in your broader view, in your pure Source awareness, those creations must come through. An exercise, every time you have a thought arise and you recognize it as being a human limitation simply speak aloud the opposite thought, the Infinite Creation thought. So connect into your Source awareness, remember who you truly are and state the opposite thought. By taking time out during your day many times during the day and sitting within Source awareness you train yourself to operate from Source perspective rather than human perspective more and more until it is your norm.
And yes there is a tipping point, a threshold, and one of your human fears is once you pass the threshold you will lose ability to behave from the human perspective as you will be, shall we say, stuck in pure Source awareness, operating from the Lightbody? We assure you that will not happen, you will always, as long as you have a human body, understand how to operate it. You can always eat and work and play and pay rent and take care of your children. You will simply do it from a more expansive perspective of love and compassion and ease and grace. So continue to reside in Source awareness, in the perspective of Infinite Creation, for you will see your 3D human life get far easier and you will watch yourself ascend into 5D New Earth life while retaining the ability to continue assisting with 3D Humanity in their (re)Ascension experience. No fear only love.
When you consider the house you are moving into know that that thought is already been created the very first time you had that desire so the house experience already exists and is already in play so find that spark of experience and follow that etheric thread, follow that timeline, until you reach the house and the same with all other things. Know the energy signature, move into a state of Infinite Creator, pure awareness, for what you experience in the Creator planes of existence has no choice but to show up in the physical planes of existence for that is what is. It is happening in a simultaneous parallel timeline so simply jump to that timeline if that is what you wish. When one jumps timelines not everything changes. If a child wants a better grade in a class they shift to the timeline where they understand the class information better but that does not change the desks or the other students surrounding them or the person their teacher is. They’ve only changed one item in their experience and that is their understanding of class material. Again have no fear, jumping timelines does not mean you forget your family and friends and lose your car or your job. Choose a timeline very similar to your current one and see only the new shifts. For it is all possible.
Since we were in conversation I asked about red light therapy and other healing tools: Yes the many bands and frequencies of light are quite necessary for the optimal performance of the human body and when you move into Creator consciousness you are already calling in those frequencies without having to use red light or sit in the sun. All that one needs can be called forth in pure energy frequency form. When considering physical healing tools such as red light, think of it as a spectrum. The farther you are along on the ascension spectrum the less you need human tools. So yes there will come a time in your timeline, a point in your journey, where you will no longer need the tools you once relied on.
So then will a body not have to eat in 3D? Now the way your third dimension is constructed a body will always need to eat and move and sleep and excrete. Any beings that have no need to do this are no longer in 3D, they are residing within higher dimensions where the human body has progressed to reside within the Lightbody which does not possess the same needs. So breathetarians and light-atarians do exist but they are in a 5D state of being rather than the Current Earth, 3D one. And we would not recommend attempting to shift to an all water, all air or all light diet until you have remerged with Source enough to maintain your human body in 5D frequencies. Instead, choose to enjoy what the current experience has to offer you.