Yes this is another grand influx of photonic frequency on your planet. Remember again you program this, you set this up, you asked for this. Know that everything is going according to your Incarnational plan. And it is going beautifully! We asked you to look at the sad and scary events on your planet as growth and cleansing and clearing as you to asked for these.

If it excites your heart it is an experience and if it burns your heart it is an experience. Remember only in 3rd Dimension do you label experiences and emotions as good or bad. This polarity and duality does not exist in more expansive dimensions. therefore everything is simply an experience. We are just as thrilled for each and every human that has experience they contracted whether they categorize it good or bad.

Let us stick with 5D for now, your New Earth. You believe you have not visited New Earth or Inner Earth for quite some time as you were away on a trip. But that simply is not true. In your human sleeping time your multi-dimensional awareness is still quite active. So you have been doing the “work” and fulfilling your mission each and every day of your human existence. You simply don’t sense that connection for it is not work, it is a state of being. It is not actions, it is not doing, it as being. The truth is you simply don’t sense it while your human consciousness is focused on human things, on action, doing, reacting.

That is key for Humanity, to maintain human conscious focus on multi-dimensional awareness and state of being. And yes it is possible! It is actually quite easy with practice. Humans allow themselves to fall into victim perpetrator roles, to fall in to act and react, to fall into polarity and duality. It is your known existence, it is comfortable, so there you remain. But that is not the path to New Earth or to returning to your True multi-Dimensional Self.

(Re) Ascension requires you to maintain human focus on your multi-dimensional awareness. How can that be done? Repetition. How does one create a new habit for this is just another habit. You have heard of those that keep a rubber band on their wrist and snap it every time they realize they have lost their new habit. That is but one way. You could set a timer on your cell phone or watch, set for once an hour to take a few minutes to shift your human focus into your multi-dimensional awareness and visit New Earth and have an experience there. That experience will float within your human consciousness for quite a time period (lasting effects).

Continue to do this every hour for a few days perhaps and then change it to every half an hour and then to every 15 minutes. And by the end of two weeks you would be every 5 minutes and you would no longer need that alarm, you would continue to shift back and forth quite easily. This is but one method, there are many many more.

Whatever method you choose we asked you to continue with it until you are able to shift your human consciousness focus quickly and easily into your multi-dimensional awareness. This can easily enact your split screen awareness that you have experienced this year. Whether it is top and bottom or left and right you can see your human existence in one screen and your multi-dimensional beingness in the other and you can coexist side by side. That is an inkling of what true multidimensional existence is. Seeing, being, doing everything at once and understanding it all is the root of multi-dimensionality so split screen exercises move you in that direction. And it’s quite fun!

You asked what is going to happen this weekend with your grand holiday of gratefulness today going into mass consumerism, mixed with photonic blasts of expansive frequencies that feel new to you. Yes it could feel intense, overwhelming, or it could feel like a nice warm bath or walk in nature. It is all how you flow with a frequency. Resistance can hurt, it can certainly be uncomfortable. Flow takes that uncomfortableness and turns it into excitement. Contentment. So we suggest when you’re feeling overwhelmed by the frequencies let them all hit you, wash over you, knowing with glee that you are absorbing all of them, you are doing this, and you are expanding your human self, Re Ascending! Remind yourself that these blasts are not only called for by your Soul Self, they are the tool you are using to return to your Multi-Dimensional Self, your True Self. So be grateful for these blasts and know that you are integrating them no matter how they may feel at any given moment. You are succeeding in immersing yourself in them and expanding your own personal frequency bandwidth.

So on this day of your holiday we ask you to be grateful to yourself that you have expanded in this beautiful (Re) Ascension process and continue to do so. And remember always that you are loved and we are always with you and within you.