Summer Solstice Brings ChangeThe Solstice /Eclipse ushered in the ability to access far more higher, expansive frequencies. There are levels and layers of frequency to re-integrate, re assimilate, and with each frequency comes more abilities, like expanded vision, more understanding. So take each frequency whether you see the colors or hear the tones or feel changes within you and around you. Re-integrate and re-assimilate these frequencies, allowing them to flow through you and as you surrender and shift.

Being Multi-Dimensional means seeing all realities at once, experiencing the One and the All at the same time. You will see for the rest of this year the ability open within each and every receptive human, to see the different realities, timelines available at every juncture, every action in your current reality. For you are shifting without awareness constantly throughout everyday. Now Humanity is coming into the ability to see the different trajectories, the the various potentialities and choose which path, the one we’d like to experience. 
Remember: placing your focus, your awareness on a different reality, timeline, trajectory is how you jump timelines. And it is not just the point of jumping, it is constant awareness and choice to maintain that trajectory.
We are moving into our Multi-Dimensional Selves so be aware, see, hear, feel, it always and flow with it, surrender to it and you will find life open up more than you ever dreamed.