ascension energiesI knew in the sunlight of my pain that I was the one whom not to blame. 
My voice carries but isn’t quite heard. 
My eyes wary but not always assured. 
My heart loves but aches for a cure,
in the sunlight of my pain with it’s cryptic allure. 
She  forces me to see beyond the smiles, and the wiles. 
Beyond the coached premonitions of false curated lifestyles.
She longs to be elevated, to dream and ascend.
Transcending the need to always obsessively comprehend. 
It’s the knowing that she wants without frills or without talk. 
Where the past, present and future merge and everything seems like a floating catwalk. 
My pain is here to remind me of this, an extension of my soul’s deserved universal bliss. 
It gets my attention when I am lost in 3D. 
It forces its hand in order to awake and show me. 
I am willing to release, surrender and be so that I can finally can see the sunlight of my pain in the who that is me.