April 2023 updateBetween the recent full moon April 5th and the upcoming eclipse April 19th, we are in the thick of it! Remember the old systems are being deconstructed , destroyed and cleared away to make room for the new 5D (higher state of being) systems. This is not only affecting the outer world such as media, medicine and war, but it’s also deeply shifting our inner world.

Step back and take a look at your systems: mental, emotional, physical, inner world and outer world. What are you ready to let go of in order to call in the new? Be honest with yourself, what is ready to be retired? What no longer serves you? What has been limping along because this is the way it has always been? Because I guarantee you your Soul is clearing it out. The more you accept in your human awareness, the less loss you will feel, and the more curiosity, exploration and excitement you can bring into the new that is being ushered forth.

While the full moon showed us a lot that wasn’t working and started to pry it out of our resistant grasp, the eclipse is just ripping it away. Yep, Sudden Shifts. Through my own experience I’ve discovered is that it is much better to face what we know has to go with open arms and say, Ok Spirit (Soul, Source, Universe, it is all the same!) I accept that I am scared or angry or confused but go ahead and take what needs to be let go of, because I know that what I’ve been truly asking for, creating, building and aligning with is coming in.

Remember Tracy, the Universe delivers what we are, not what we want. We have been going inward and realigning our frequency to match our dreams – that was January and February and the momentum of that started showing up in March. So now April’s energies are telling us, okay you realigned, and you’re gonna be good if we disintegrate the old and make room for the arrival of what you created, right? The answer is YES! Open your arms and welcome the new. Make it easier for the old to release.

Archangel Aurora tells us, “Dearest ones we are deeply supporting you during this incredibly transformative period of your time. We are aware of the chaos in your weather, in your systems, in your human bodies. And we are awaiting your arrival in our higher frequencies so come visit this frequency of flow. Close your eyes and feel yourself fully supported in a cocoon of deeply loving Source energy. Feel that you are protected and provided for. Know that the Universe has your back and we are all here helping you on this path.”

”We often show Tracy the image of running a marathon. Everyone is cheering you on from the sidelines. When you pass an aid station they run up to you and hand you the water as you continue running. And finally crossing the finish line you get your medal, your reward, and a good dose of self-care later that day.”

“Understand that this time period of 2023 to 2026 is the last mile of the marathon. Now is the time to step back and allow yourself to call up the patterns and programs and conditioning that you have been releasing mile by mile of this marathon of human life. Freeing yourself and accomplishing the unknown. For you are preparing yourself for 5D, the frequency of more love, more flow, more happiness, more abundance. Yes it does exist and you are creating it on Earth as you choose love and release fear.”

Clients often ask me what tools to use to help them shift the energy within themselves or their house, to help them move back into flow and release what was and call in what can be. While crystals are beautiful and for me a brass singing bowl really clears out the space, as does the flame of a candle or palo santo wood, the truth is that intention is everything.

Intention precedes action so all you need is INTENTION. Gather whatever tools you enjoy using, yet know that your intention propels you into the visualization which propels you into action. Action will arrive to pick you up, take you there. So set your intentions so that you may move forward.go ahead and take what needs to be let go of it, because I know that what I’ve been truly asking for, creating, building and aligning with and that is coming in.