March 2023 IntensityMarch is bringing the intensity not only in our inner and outer world but within our bodies too. Headaches, exhaustion, insomnia and more. The level of light codes, super-charged light & information, is blasting us continuously now. So if you’re feeling “weird” or different symptoms arise daily or you are feeling / sensing more, roll with it! We’re prepping for a quantum leap in consciousness and those of us that surrender to it now really set the example for the rest of Humanity. Not to mention we lift out of the human discomfort as we anchor in the energies of 5D and above. (Yes, many of you are shooting to 7D and beyond, how fun!)

Archangel Aurora in “her” opalescent, iridescent light, has been showing me that we are indeed upleveling our energy, mental, emotional and physical bodies whether we are paying attention to it or not. It is happening!

“It is now time to dig deep within, casting off old patterns you know hold you back, while reaching for your dreams. For they are indeed within reach and now is the time to attain them. Bring for their creation into your outer world. We are here to support you in that reaching, in that attainment. What was once out of reach, out of belief, it now dancing within your field of vision.”

“Close your eyes, seeing our opalescent frequency surrounding you while you call up your deepest dreams. Love, home, friendship, abundance, whatever it may be within you. Picture that, then let your focus go, dissolving into the feeling of that which you desire. For it is that feeling that you radiate out into your outer world, coalescing the energies of the Universal Field into that creation which best represents your dream.”

Remember, we have so much support within and around us, our guides, higher selves, the Archangels, other Souls. All are watching, waiting or joining us on this (re)Ascension adventure! So let the non-stop fluctuations of solar flares, astrological planetary shifts & the equinox propel us into the next level consciousness!