New Moon amping up manifestations!The eclipses are right around the corner at this speed of time, so we’re really streamlining our energy and focus. The new moon anchored in even more expansive frequencies so utilize them to create your new business, orchestrate a move, call in love. It’s closer than ever so do not let your old patterns dictate your new energy in action!

Archangel Aurora tells us, “Dear Ones, do you feel the higher frequencies channeling through your body? Do you feel that things are starting to line up? That you are starting to be guided more directly into your highest mission on Earth? For this new moon energy is focusing the cosmic frequencies to a point that you can more easily harness them for your highest good and highest joy. So we ask of you to focus on your desires. Are they in service to yourself and humanity? For if they are in service now is the time to bring them forward for they will manifest so much more quickly.

You will find time speeding up for you more and more. For the energies of your eclipses are just around the corner and they will bring life-changing energetic and physical shifts for you and your planet. So get focused on what is in your highest good and highest joy, fuel that and watch it come into being in your outer reality. The frequencies between your 3D / 5D density and the higher dimensions have thinned out so to speak. For now it is so much easier for you to connect in, ask for the assistance, ask to see and sense and hear and feel the support you are always given, and utilize that to step into your new World created from your dreams. We are always with you, always supporting you so ask. Ask us for assistance, ask us to show you the path. And it is not just us, the Archangels. It is your guides, your higher versions of self, you are surrounded by the biggest support team imaginable.”