We are here and today is a special day. It is the day of remembering, the day of seeing your (Re)Ascension path and knowing what lies before you so that you may have the peace of mind and the freedom to move forward in love and joy.

We know how hard you have worked at this ascension, all of you – Humanity. For we have been watching and experiencing through you and with you.

We are telling you this day has come. The day where you can visually step into your joy, where you finally see the proof you have asked for, for so very long.

For today you can open your inner vision and see your bridge, your path, your golden brick road to New Earth and Beyond. For you have reached the point in your (Re)Ascension that your Earths, your realities, are overlapping to a visual degree.

So we ask you to view previous (Old) Earth, 3D Earth and watch it slip away from contact with Transitional Earth. Imagine your Vesica Pisces, your overlapping circles, and then imagine Old Earth is sliding away until there is no more contact with Transitional Earth. This visual is your cue that Old Earth possesses a reality that no longer serves your consciousness and is quite simply dissolving.

Transitional Earth now takes your focus and we ask you to turn to the next Vesica Pisces, the overlapping energies of Transitional Earth and New Earth or as we would say (Re) Ascending Earth and 5D Multi-Dimensional Earth.

Notice how you can, see, feel, sense and participate in New Earth at your will, at your desire. For it is right in front of you. It is where the golden path, the bridge, leads. So close your eyes and picture in your mind that your bridge or path or road takes you straight to 5D Earth, whether it be an empty meadow, a small village or a bustling galactic city. It matters not how you picture it, for it is all real. Every reality within New Earth is easily accessed and experienced.

Therefore if you want a village it is there. If you want to meadow it is there. If you want a bustling city with hovercraft it is there. If you wish to jump, bilocate, from the meadow to the village to the city it is instantly possible, for that is the energy of multidimensionality. It is at your fingertips -or more specifically it is in your heart and soul.

Take this journey, enter New Earth and find yourself in a beautiful meadow with two beautiful radiating, smiling, loving humans standing before you. Know that these 5D humans are your friends and tour guides. You ask them where you are and they tell you, “you recognize this place, you know you are home. And where would you like to go?” You decide, beautiful green meadow with a lake in the far end and you find yourselves there.

And then in your heart is born a desire to have your very own cabin nestled next to the lake in this meadow and it appears, a beautiful two-story log cabin. And you think to yourself, I prefer single story and before your eyes it changes. Remember in 5D co-creation is instant. It feels natural to think it feel and have it appear.

You think of company, of friendship, and suddenly you notice 4 other cabins near yours and the front doors open and families and couples and a single human walk out of their cabins and come to you, greeting you with hugs and smiles and great emanations of love. You realize now that you are never alone. That on New Earth you feel the love emanating from everyone. This is multi-dimensional reality.

Realize these feelings of love and joy, happiness and contentment, peace and flow, that radiate out from within you, within your LightBody, are the new norm. They arise from the True Self. And realize you can take these feelings with you, back to Transitional Earth, back to your job and your home and your family and your friends. For the more often that you emanate peace and love and flow, the more you will find yourself on New Earth.

We remind you that Humanity is a collective and what one experiences the all experiences. As you move more fully into your LightBody, into these multidimensional feelings of interconnectedness and happiness and love and joy, you emanate these wonderful feelings out to others – and they need not be in your same office or even the same continent. For you are all connected and your emanations of multidimensional frequencies, love and peace and happiness and flow, will be felt by others whether next door or across the world. What you emanate assists in others’ (Re)Ascension. As you (Re)Ascend so do others.

Remember that you always bring your 5D experiences of New Earth to Transitional Earth so that you may emanate them and share them with others assisting in all of Humanity’s (Re)Ascension as well as Gaia’s.

We thank you for participating in this journey and ask you to journey to New Earth frequently thought your day, everyday, for it anchors you more deeply into your 5D Self and beyond.

We are so very excited for you that you have reached the point in your (Re)Ascension where you can reconnect with your Multi-Dimensional Self and the realities that exist higher than your Transitional Earth.

We are all within, call us your guides, Angels, higher versions of Self, it is all within you, assisting you. Call upon us and we shall together continue to expand your LightBody, participating in emissive frequencies which you are now remembering.

In loving light & joy,

Your Self

image by wallpaperstock.net