As I tune into Sandra Walter’s meditation this morning I noticed many more colors and stronger colors on the planet and I noticed new beings around us, assisting us. This particular being steps forth and he looks almost like a lion head and a humanoid body almost like wizard of Oz. And he tells me that they recognize each and every human as a unique being and they have been assisting us for quite some time in our reality. I asked if I’ve had an Incarnation on that planet and he says yes at once. You have as you have our source code in you but not every human on your planet has a spark of our source code within, which is what he labels DNA. He says not every being has incarnated as every being so they’re only some that carry that genetic makeup into their Earth lives. He also said that his collective were in 3D also at one point and now they are between 5 and 6, that it depends on the unique individuality of each being on his planet. That is one of the reasons they are assisting because they have gone through the great leap from 3D to 5D.

I then asked no one in particular what’s going on where are we at now? And I find myself with the Solar Elohim. They tell me, do not concern yourself with the past several months of your time for you have participated grandly, perhaps only in your sleep, perhaps with every positive action in your waking moments. You must believe that you have participated fully for we have seen your participation. We have seen your growth, your expansion.
That’s yet another reassurance that we are all assisting in (re)Ascension even if we feel we aren’t doing our part. We always are, remember that!
I then asked, what is next, how can I assist further and they tell me continue as you are for you are assisting. It does not have to be with your human conscious mind, that Focus, that awareness, that measures your assistance. Know in your soul that you are always assisting. Know that on your planet to expand to your next level of dimensional awareness you very much must clear out anything that is holding you back. And we define anyting as what you call cellular trauma as any beliefs or memories or even desires. Understand that everything that is not in the flow is resistance, is holding you back.
So I show them a picture of a very unpleasant interaction with a potentially violent, quite unstable person that I experienced recently and they say, yes that played out beautifully, you two participated beautifully. If you could see the bigger picture, if you tune in with your multi-dimensional awareness you will see how necessary it was for him to see his effect on you and others, for him to experience that revelation that prompted him towards more growth, more expansion. And as for you, you cleared out a very great chunk of trauma you were carrying around with you that influenced your relationships with men. We see your expansion, we note the higher level of assistance you are providing to others on the path of Ascension after your clearing.
That reminds me that Earth incarnation is not meant to be all roses and chocolates. We are here to experience what we do not choose to participate in within higher dimensions. Where we “grow” is within the ease and grace of processing the experience and releasing trauma, beliefs, etc. We will still experience but how we flow through those experiences is how joyful and abundant our lives will be.
I change directions again and ask so what is next, how can I assist,  how can I be of greatest service now. And they laugh again and say continue what you’re doing, you are doing it. With your own clearing you’re doing it, with the clearing you’re assisting others with, you are doing it. With Humanity you are doing it, for what you do with one you do with all. Yes we have more eclipses coming up and there will be points, if you will, of very intense energy. There are others in your Humanity at different stages of Revelation that have requested these mighty reminders of their reAscension. So remember when you see an earthquake or a car accident or an argument or a marriage or a birth, they are all those humans; methods of moving past what prevents them from returning to their True Multi-Dimensional Selves. Those are all trigger points of frequency, expansion, and know that they requested them all, they scheduled them all so welcome them whether you deem them good or bad, welcome them in your life in others; lives knowing that is what you have asked for to move forward, to move beyond.
I take my leave of the solar Elohim  with much gratitude and a Golden Glow in my aura.
I move on to my Pleiadian Self and I’m holding my  Pleiadian  soulstones which are a pink and an aqua Andaran Crystal.
As I call my Pleiadian couple and they appear, explaining that there are far more of my Humanity that have reconnected with their  Pleiadian Selves in the past two months. therefore I’m going to meet many other  Pleiadian souls that I know on this Earth to be humans. I welcome that and I asked them what’s next, how can I assist the most and they say, oh beloved you are doing that. You are assisting every day, believe it. So I asked about some potentials I had recently seen and they replied,all in Divine timing. Understand that you have pre-scheduled your clearing and you are shifting in your expansion just as others are. There comes a time on your planet where you are destined to experience a particular event. And they’re showing me the greatest gift I can give myself, which I also give to Humanity, is patience and positivity. Remain positive that every action and interaction is a step forward, is an expansion. Therefore every reaction should be considered for its expansion capabilities.
They’re inferring when you are feeling off track or threatened or hampered or angry or sad or so many other emotions in the vast human scale, before you react, before you take action, consider that this entire incident was orchestrated by your Soul Self for your own growth. Remember you asked for this because it is necessary or chosen for your growth and look at it as such. Do not look at the cloud, look at the silver lining and thank Source for it. And react with that gratitude and kope and faith and love in your heart and in your entire Self.
When you choose every action and reaction based on love and gratitude, faith and trust and hope, you will quickly shift your timeline projectory. Meaning you will reach your goals faster which assists Humanity in reaching their goals faster. And there is only one goal, return to Love. Return to Love, return to One. Each and every human will always retain their individuality, like your Arcturian Collective, they are 11th dimensional and while they function as one, you have clearly interacted with individual energies within the one. So know that Humanity can never lose their uniqueness, their individuality. But moving through dimensions and expanding each as frequency returns you to the One, to the Multi-Dimensional Mind, to pure Source energy. Remember you are the One and you are the All.
The Divine Feminine energy of Gaia and my Soul Self steps in and continues: Every step you take has a reason. Utilize your faith and trust to know you are where you are supposed to be when you are supposed to be and when it is time to release that experience, to complete it, you shall. With love and grace and compassion and faith and trust. Always remember you are where you are supposed to be when you are supposed to be there. If you wish to be somewhere else then display the love and gratitude and compassion and hope and faith and trust where you are now and envision that path leading to where you want to be for all of your desires are simply another reality another timeline. One that you can access. As you access other timelines you release your experiential desires in the current timeline, therefore as your focus shifts your hold on the current timeline also shifts. In a sense you complete that experience more quickly for it is a direct correlation, the completion to the focus the awareness and the positivity in any one timeline reality. So continue to shine positivity on current situations, your current reality as you spend time and energy and primary focus and awareness in the timelines of your deepest desires.
Understand the 2019 is the year of creation, the year of manifestation. Yes there are areas that you have cleared out and resolved very well and there are others that you have yet to complete. There are many on your planet that have areas yet to complete but we will tell you the completion is much easier in this energy than it was in your previous year. And we will tell you you are doing it, we see you do it. We are watching, we are assisting, and it is happening for you. So return to that positivity return to that firm belief that it is happening for you in every step you take is a step forward whether you’re human ego mind perceives that or not. When you can’t see the forward initiative in that step then simply believe in it with full faith and trust. Know it to be true whether you can visually see it with your human mind or not. You cannot see air and you know it is true that you breathe it and you are alive because of it. Think of expansion like air, it is always happening and it is true so always believe that every action and shift is a step forward in your reAscension. And also believe that every moment that is a step forward for you is also step forward for your Humanity for the all learn from the one in the all experience for the one. You may believe you are on all individuals on Earth but we see you as a collective and we see the ripple effect from anyone action. Trust us you are affecting the All and in a beautiful and positive way, so we implore you to continue. Know that you have our love and our support and our awareness in every moment of your journey, your return to True Self. For you have begun reAscension and there is no stopping it, it is unfolding beautifully every moment in your time.