Releasing after the Solar EclipseAfter quite an intense summer of ’22 we’re in Eclipse season. This solar eclipse offers much transformation, awakening and sudden changes. I don’t know that we can ever prepare for the solar eclipse “gifts” but we can definitely choose to flow through them. While we find we cannot always control or choose our thoughts, feelings and reactions during a sudden shift or opening, we can always strive to step back, pause, move into our Objective Observer and notice the thoughts and feelings that are “passing through”. For they never have to stay. We always have a choice even when we think we don’t. And if we cannot choose in the first moment of thought or feeling, we can always choose as soon as we become aware of them. Oftentimes this looks like, “thank you ego mind for bringing the perceived danger to my awareness, I appreciate¬† you doing your job.” Then proceed with your conscious choice of release, renewal or transformation. During this very intense transformative time strive for the middle path, the path of the observer, watching your thoughts and emotions pass by while you hold faith, hold the vision of balance, calm, stability in the storm. The Archangels tell me they’re with us all, supporting us through these changes. Call upon Angel Hugs when you need a booster. Imagine Angels wrapping you in their wings, keeping chaos out and calm love in. Visualize the love surrounding and supporting you … I guarantee it’s there, I can see it and feel it. And I use it whenever I need a boost too!