multidimensional guide Tracy KumberaThe walk-ins on your planet have come in to assist with re Ascension. The key to entering this reality is to maintain your multi-dimensional state of being rather than sinking into the lower frequency of 3D Humanity. You are not here to participate in this 3D game, you are here to change it. Emotions other than love such as anger or victimhood or shame or sadness or fear in any other form do not have a place in your multi-dimensional self.

We understand coming down to earth if you wish to experience some of the 3D abilities such as fear. For those that wanted to experience that, they were born in a human life. The walk-ins and we refer to all of them, arrived to impart a higher frequency on this planet. By interacting with Humanity in their native, more expansive frequency, walk-ins can assist humans in expansion, in reconnecting to their multi-dimensional awareness.

So we asked of all walk-ins, do not fall into the trap of humanity, of lowering your vibration and your awareness to participate in a game that you inherently know is untrue. We ask that you focus every moment on your multi-dimensional awareness and on sending waves of higher frequency, waves of expansion and re Ascension, throughout Humanity, a meditation, and daily interaction, and the way you comport yourself. For this is your mission, you came here to wake up others not to fall asleep yourself.

It is far too easy to lower your vibration to take a particular human job. There is no need for that. This is not an endeavor to match your vibration to the surrounding areas, it is rather an opportunity to remain in your vibration, you were frequency no matter where you are immersed. In that way you were giving others the opportunity to entrain to your higher frequency. that is what they asked for. So we again ask of you, maintain the most expensive frequency possible in any given moment, remain in your multi-dimensional awareness while simultaneously participating in seemingly 3D actions. You will find that you can do your human tasks from a multidimensional perspective, it is possible especially in your current now on your planet of transitioning frequencies.