There are many on your planet that believe they are self empowered, powerful, when in truth their judgment, indignation, anger and other emotions simply mask fear, which shows them to be disempowered, more in victimhood. Manipulation and control are other masks of victimhood.

Someone that is truly self-empowered can walk the path of neutrality and non-attachment, laying no blame nor having any reaction other than contentment, bliss or joy to any situation that arises around them.

An exercise for you:
choose a situation that has recently arisen and replay it in your mind’s eye. Putting any picture or video up on your mind screen also assists in remembering your intuitive abilities. So taking a stance of total non-attachment and neutrality, play the video of the situation, looking at it from several different angles. Then play on the Mind screened your reaction in this situation.

Was your reaction neutral or positive? Were you truly self-empowered and non attached, easily surrendering to the situation and accepting the outcome with positivity and flowing through it? Or did you feel any fear, anger, blame, judgement, indignation, concern, unease, confusion or more?

Did you notice yourself using words or taking actions to sway the other person? Those forms of manipulation and control mask the insecurity, the fear of unworthiness, that you will not get what you deserve or desire unless you force it into being.

Which simply is not true. All Beings are aspects of Source, Universe, All-That-Is,, God. No matter the word you use for the spark of Divinity within your heart, that Soul Spark is your notice that you are Divine and you deserve all of the love and abundance enjoy that this Universe and more has to offer.

Exercise Part 2:
Having watched the situation on your mind screen several times and noticing all of the emotions and actions taken by you and others, now sit back for a moment and contemplate how you could rewrite this situation with non-attachment or even love and joy.

Take a few deep breaths, centering yourself, then simply rewrite the movie on your mind screen. Bring the situation into play and as you step forward with your reaction we ask you to change it to one of neutrality and even one of positive feelings towards the other person.

Even in a situation where you don’t get your heart’s desire, the other person perhaps received theirs. Therefore you can feel the joy within you for the other person achieving their hearts desire. And it is never too lost to you, for your desires are still existent and still attracting abundance to you.

Acceptance, faith and trust dictate that this simply wasn’t the arena for your desires to manifest, it was the other person’s. Which means, excitedly, your arena is on its way, it shall appear.

Faith and trust is the deep inner knowing that you deserve all and you are all, it is all there for you and you will have all. And as your human law of attraction is so often discussed, like attracts like. So the joy you’re feeling watching the other receive their hearts desire, that joy is a magnet to the manifestation of your heart’s desire.

Co-creating is a very positive, joyful experience, there is no room for negative feelings or victimhood or disempowerment in any way. There is only room for surrender and acceptance, faith and trust, joy and flow.

If you cannot find joy in any given situation then simply be in neutral space. Center yourself and know that walking the middle path, staying neutral and non attached, keeps you out of negativity, which is resistance. And you know that resistance halts your flow.

From that neutral space of non-attachment you will bathe yourself in the higher, more expansive frequencies of positive belief, emotion and action. And that will propel your co creations into your current reality. Or more aptly it will propel YOU into the currently potential higher timelines where your co creations exist, waiting for you.

Spend time every day in this exercise, putting situations on your mind screen to note where your reactions delved into victimhood, pause, then replay those situations, changing them into self-empowerment, into neutrality or better yet into positivity.

For you exist in a grand sweep of re-ascension and your emotions and actions dictate the reality in which you reside in every Now moment.

You have released yourself from the inhibiting realities of Third Dimension, 3D, and in this Transitional Earth phase in which you are currently, jumping timelines, up shifting into higher realities of co-creation and manifestation is actually quite feasible. Simply use your awareness, rewriting any situation past or present, and shift yourself into the higher frequency band, the higher timeline and reality of your desires.

(Shifting those past situations into a positive outcome that is different from what happened in that timeline will transmute the trauma in your cellular memory as those reactions are stored, inhibiting your re-ascension.)

Remember the key is neutrality and non-attachment, surrender and acceptance, faith and trust and belief that you can up-level.

Accepting dictates that you understand there is a Divine reason for any outcome other than the one you desired, in any given moment. Which is not a reason to disrupt your co-creating or lay down your faith and trust or move into victimhood with blame or indignation or regret.

It is an opportunity to experience joy and contentment for any other in that situation that did benefit, knowing full well that your co-creation is still in full force although this Now moment was not your Souls choice to up-level into a higher reality. Know that moment is soon upon you.

Divine timing, trust in it rather than question it. Faith and trust that it is coming and you shall step into it. And it will arrive far faster than you could ever imagine when you are staying in hope and faith, in joy and trust and love.

That is already in your heart, now keep it in your human mind. Be the Multi-Dimensional Being you truly are. Act the part and you will find that you truly are that.