Solar Eclipse, Solstice, End 2021 with a bang The Solar Eclipse of 12/4 was a very fiery kick-off to Humanity’s end of 2021 Transformation. For 2022 is the year of Love, of returning to a higher dimensional living. I know, hard to imagine at the moment of viruses and impending holiday lockdowns worldwide, but it is happening.

For Humanity to uplevel to 5D we all need to leave the baggage at the door. And the process that really kicked off with the Lion’s Gate last August has been picking up momentum all fall, culminating in the powerful fire of the Solar Eclipse last week and the intensity of 12/12 yesterday. And the Winter Solstice, a major re-alignment point, is upon us in just over a week, 12/21.

What these wake up points are asking us, what our Souls are asking us, is to let go of the human pain, suffering, trauma, unhappiness and rampant fear and move into our true state of being. Love. For we are multi-dimensional beings devolved into a human incarnation for the neutral experience it offers. Yes, pain and trauma are neutral to a Soul. For all Souls understand that they/we are Divine, unconditional love. Thus life on Earth is simply the haunted house at Halloween. We know it isn’t real yet we still get really scared!

This Solstice Season take your power back! For we do have the power to be happy, be content, be positive and find joy in all things. We choose our emotions! Our heart is the computer of our human existence not our brain, Heartmath has scientifically proven that. Fascinating right? So choose love. Choose patience. Choose hope and faith. And let all those things help you to release the patterns, beliefs, trauma and more that is coming up fast and often to be shifted. Let it all dissolve.  That is the message I give myself whenever I fall into a “pothole” of emotion for I am not immune. So I fall, I pout, I accept, I choose hope, faith, trust, love and I let go. Please join me in that process and we’ll welcome in a better 2022.