July 2021 forecastIt is no coincidence that the solar eclipse is in the middle of the night for the United States for that first world country clings mightily to the old programs that keep it on top so shall we say.

So by having the eclipse during the night when the human brain is offline and the multi-dimensional mind can come in and govern the human body. That is why meditation works so well because it is akin to sleep, it relaxes the human mind and takes it offline so that the multi-dimensional mind can take over and govern the human. That is why those that practice multi-dimensionality, practice shifting their awareness from the human and the 3D to the multi-dimensional mind and all dimensions.
Yes it is possible for humans to focus on multiple dimensions and states of being at once. It is the natural state of Consciousness although humans have put down a veil around them to participate in 3D. And these veils are scheduled to lift after the solar eclipse. So between the solar eclipse and the Solstice there can be, depending on how open one is to expanding their consciousness, there can be a beautiful opening and expanding of awareness.
Or doing it the hard way rather than the easy way there can be a lot of ripping apart of old patterns, programs, relationships, ways of being, thoughts and feelings. We urge you to take the easy way, for we guarantee you will love what is on the other side of this struggle. And again if you choose the easy way there is no struggle there is only moments of bliss as you anchor in your ability to transcend dimensions and frequencies. To return to your native state of multi-dimensionality.

Many will feel in the month of July everything move into its new place in their inner and outer world. Again that’s going to wreak a lot of havoc and create chaos for those that do not wish to let go of the old but the lower frequency patterns and programs simply cannot exist in the more expanded frequencies, the higher dimensions that are now being embraced upon the planet. So we ask again: the hard way or the easy way? But July is going to be a major adjustment month for those that have been fighting their (re)Ascension

For those that open to (re)Ascension July will be a month of much bliss and manifestation so start creating the new Earth world you wish to reside in.
Manifestation will become easier as you remain in the flow as you now have access to higher frequencies of creation, which have always existed but very few were accessing them due to donning the veil of separation in order to embark on a 3D life. This is simply the scheduled moments of (re)Ascension. This is all a game that your Souls have chosen for pure experience. And now it is time to experience (re)ascending.
Many of you are witnessing a change in your metabolic state for as you continue to expand your awareness and your body continues to shift as you move from physical body into light body and you experience a shift in eating and drinking and digestion, in your needs for food and drink.
And no, you are not all moving to vegan or breathetarian or aquaterian, you may continue to enjoy that which you have but return to: the easy way or the hard way. You simply will not feel a craving for these foods or drinks any longer and when you do reach for them out of a comfort mechanism then how well they are digested is completely up to yourself. If you accept that you’re doing this and you find enjoyment during the eating and you accept later that while you were trying to quit this you did indulge and you accept that’s what your body or mind wanted at the moment and seriously accept it and move on, that allows the items to process through your energy field more quickly.For those that beat themselves up for ingesting it is those that are going to take the hard route to digesting.
A good deal of (re)ascension entails acceptance. The process, as we have outlined for a great many years with Tracy is:
1. Recognizing & Acknowledging the event, item, feeling, etc.
2. Accepting what is
3. Surrendering fully to it
4. Transcending it or walking right through it.
Those steps will serve you quite well during the solstice and for the rest of this year and the next. For this may be a rather fast process for those that are embracing multi-dimensionality, are feeling they’re reawakening and are running with it. But the great majority of Humanity is clinging to their old ways and resorting to fear of anything new including lifting their veil and all the abilities that come with it.
That is why many prefer to stay out of public: because Humanity has turned on their ability to be empathic last year during the pandemic (and may have been empathic for a good long time) thus one could feel they are literally in a waterfall of fear and loss as humans grieve that which they no longer have in their experience rather than looking forward to the beautiful replacement that comes with expanding awareness and higher frequencies.
As more and more humans embrace the benefits of expanding their awareness it will take down the level of fear on the planet and make the future much more enjoyable. But understand, those that are embracing these frequencies and expanding their awareness are going to find themselves in a different state of being, a 5D state of mind, and they will no longer encounter those that are swimming in fear. So the division of worlds occurs within the mind as it is a state of being. Friends that always got you down will cease to call you and you will choose to vacation in places that as you say lift your spirits. That is the separation between 3D and 5D and it has been occurring for quite some time but it will ramp up very strongly after the solar eclipse and throughout the summer.
We have stated before, by the Fall equinox you will have a very different planet. Because there are so many humans no longer fighting to keep the old. The majority has spoken and the tide is turning and the more and more people that enjoy the higher frequencies others will witness that happiness and wish for it themselves and that is how a teacher, mentor is born. Yes many of you contracted to become teachers upon this planet. To reawaken early and help others to awaken.
Shifting into 5D is easier than you think as it is simply shifting thoughts and feelings which shift frequencies and thus shift one into the multi-dimensional mind, the unity consciousness. There needs be no fighting, no war and no negativity. It is often a long road to get from there to here due to all of the humans wishing to keep power over, to keep their power and control as they’ve enjoyed the kingly ride. But it is all coming to an end and much of it already has, you just have not yet seen the evidence. That sight requires full faith and trust that it has been dismantled and will continue to crumble under the hands of those in power. And we do not have to say give it time for the more you stay in higher dimensions and expanded frequencies the more you will see the evidence of its crumbling and the more you will stay in a frequency that truthfully is not touched by their power and control. It is up to each human to decide where they want their focus and awareness. In crumbling 3D of power over or in the higher dimensions of power within and unconditional love. It is your choice 3D Earth / current Earth or New Earth, which again is a state of being, a state of mind, far more than it is any place you can take an airplane to. Or a starship.
So back to dates, it will be a rocky road between the solar eclipse and the summer solstice as there will be a lot of releasing and a lot of resistance to releasing and bringing in the higher frequencies. So we suggest the more you meditate or get into flow or calm yourself and shift your awareness and focus to higher dimensional frequencies the easier it will be for you. And remember if you get lost, if you fall down, if you fall off the wagon, accept that and get back to it. Just keep moving. For you will move through it as your Soul has contracted this. Take the easy route.
And after the solstice you will find July to be very blooming and blossoming for those committed to acceptance and expansion and (re)ascension. For Humanity as a whole July can be a very turbulent month as many will try to cling to the old. And yes mass meditation and envisioning all of Humanity embracing multi-dimensionality is very effective and helps greatly, for just as rain touches everyone so does frequency. Your thoughts and feelings reach others and for those that are not conscious of higher dimensions they are absorbing your thoughts and feelings, through being empathic, so why not project success in releasing the old and embracing the new, success in reaching the 5D State of mind where harmony and bliss reside. Wish for truth and honesty and happiness and contentment. Send much love and compassion through the multi-dimensional mind, the unity consciousness link and others will feel it. So you can do your part even alone in your home in 1 minute of meditation twice a day. Of course we suggest more often and for longer periods but that is completely up to you for this is your experience. We are simply here as part of you, as your Infinity consciousness, we are here to assist.
So July does not have to be turbulent. Embrace your abilities and continue to expand your awareness and you will find by your Fall Equinox it is a very different planet indeed, one you have hoped and wished for.