When people are going through things they tend to ask why me? Understand that you are simply using the tools already within. Your Soul gives you the tools from your past experiences, your psyche, that best enable your frequency shift. If it were insignificant to you it would not trigger a vibrational shift and continually shifting is imperative to reach new Earth and 5D.

Again, if your patterns, programs, beliefs, childhood memories  and stored  trauma responded to little nudges then you only use little nudges. But this is 3D Earth and Humanity signed up for big pushes. Cancer is one of them. Divorce, car accidents, losing a child, these are all of the big pushes, the significant triggers for an experience which leads to a major up-leveling of personal frequency.

So these triggered experiences transpire to release the trauma, transmute cellular memories that impede Re-Ascension. For the cellular memories cannot survive in higher frequencies, expanded energies. Time to clear them.

So a beautiful wonderful human who works with her hands gets diagnosed with the possibility of MS. Well of course she’s not going to get diagnosed with an ulcer because she could take medicine and keep working with her hands.  Her Soul therefore chooses a significant trigger, taking away the use of her hands, to bring up all sorts of fear and latent trauma to transmute.

You ask, can we flow through these diagnoses and these processes of clearing? Of course you could. Quite easily in fact. But more often than not humans choose to remain in a state of victimhood and disinterment so their Human Experience dictates drama trauma.

You get what you ask for so look around at what you have and think about what you must be asking for to get what you currently have. Then use your awareness to change what you’re asking for, to change what you believe your reality to be or what you want it to be. Return to flow and you return to your highest vibrational reality.

As ascending beings the more you return to flow the easier any transmutation period will be. First, become aware that this event or situation is simply a trigger for a frequency shift. Next, using this awareness, move forward in flow, in neutrality, moving through the shift with the most ease and grace.

Now that may be rather easy or may be extremely difficult. You may find that the fears are so great it triggers a lot of volatile emotions within. We say maintain as much flow as you can. Every time you notice great fluctuations in your emotions it is your cue to go within, still yourself, get back to center. Once you’ve re-centered yourself the fluctuating emotions will dissipate and you will continue down the path of shifting frequencies.

Remember, all these traumatic events and experiences YOU are creating and YOU have the power of moving through them more quickly and more easily than you ever thought possible. The key is staying centered, staying in the love and light. Know that you gave yourself this trigger, this experience, to grow and release. It is part of your ReAscension and it does not have to be as difficult as it currently feels.

We love you, we are you. We are always here to assist. Go within, for you are not alone and your ReAscension is meant to be a beautiful enlightening journey!

image by all-free-downloads.com