end your self sufferingYou can end suffering, simply choose not to suffer anymore. That does not mean you get everything you want, it means when you have the desires and they are not fulfilled you release them with the confidence that something more will fill its place. It’s knowing that abundance surrounds you within and without, whether it is demonstrated in monetary value or physical items or not. It is knowing yourself to be an abundant fulfilled being no matter your outward appearances or station in life. For all of that is false. You are a fragment of Source The epitome of All That Is. For you are everything therefore you have everything.

Do not allow yourself to be led around by emotions, thoughts and other beings in lower vibrations. You always have a choice to maintain the most expansive frequency possible in any given situation. Remember to encase yourself in oneness and unconditional love. Surround yourself with light with frequency. Know that you are immutable. For that is where abundance lies.

So when you encounter a person or event that is not of your desired vibrational expansion remind yourself you have the choice to entrain to that, constrict yourself, or remain in your expanded state of oneness in which that situation cannot affect you. The more frequently you do this the more often you will remain in a higher vibratory State until there will be very little to nothing that affects you. That is recension. That is abundance in joy and Bliss always.