Zero Point state of beingThere are many more zero point states of being going on where we dip into that cold calm divine neutrality. For me I feel like I just dissolve, myself is completely gone, merged with Source. Sometimes I have to ask myself: am I breathing, is my heart beating? And after I dissolve into the zero point field then as I start to come back I seem to rebuild myself anew, losing all of the old patterns and programs.

And when we’re in this zero point state you may feel cold, unfeeling, meaningless, sad or disappointed or other negative emotions. Remind yourself that is is zero point and it’s a wonderful thing, it’s merging with Spirit. If you sit in the nothing long enough the everything rolls in. It’s just a razor’s edge so it’s quite easy to fall off the zero point ledge into sadness or other emotions. Ride the wave, allow those feelings to pass as you too rebuild yourself.
For every time we enter zero point we anchor in a higher frequency within, our base vibration raises, ascension becomes easier. It’s not only a merging, it’s a clearing, a recalibrating and an upleveling. Very necessary in these intense times.