5D is a state of being5D is a state of being! It is a state within the energetic mental and emotional bodies long before the physical state. Each and every time you find yourself in a moment of peace or contentment or joy or love you have expanded your frequency into the fifth dimension. And every time you do that and for however long you hold it, you are bringing that dimension down to the rest of humanity. When people say spread the love that’s exactly it. For energy initiated is energy spread. You can find that when you meditate or pray or go inward and visualize a dream you are putting yourself in the 5D frequency the 5D realm and the more often you do that the more you visit the more you stay. And that’s manifestation, that’s when you see life change around you. Not just for you but for others in your inner circle as well as others around the world. For, again, when you bring it they will feel it. Try it now!