ascension energiesI’m a bit surprised to find one of the starships I’m visiting is Draconian and the commander smiles and reminds me telepathically that there the new breed of Draconians who believe in service to others. Their time of power over others it’s over for so many of their kind for they are really sending just as we are. There are beings and planets in all Dimensions continually expanding Andrea sending to a higher Dimension. Will this mean that someday all sentient life is 12th Dimension or 1000th Dimension, up there residing with Source? I don’t know. But from my experience I’ve seen that no matter what our personal frequency is we come from Source, we lower our dimension or constrict our frequency to experience, which provides such growth in learning. In that we are always expanding thus reAscending.

It’s much like climbing down a ladder into a pitch back cave, you can see nothing. You have to feel your way through, process with other senses. Then  as you get climb the light ladder higher and higher out of the cave you’re able to see more light, eliminating the walls of the cave to be beautiful crystals. You absorb all that beautiful light and love and crystal energy as you’re climbing higher and higher until you’re back in your native frequency which is pure Source, pure unconditional love and Divine Light.

All beings strive for that and all beings are continually reAscending whether they act like it in a given moment or not.