We know this is been an especially difficult period of time for many Awakening humans. But we tell you that you are over the hump as you call it. You are in the clear because of what you cleared.

It feels like you keep bringing up the same things over and over again but the truth is your cellular memory holds these things very deeply and every time you bring them up you’re clearing more and more of it (the memory, pattern, belief, trauma, etc).

We wish for you it we’re as easy as one thought and all is cleared. But that is simply not the truth in your existence, your reality. It is similar to digging a well. You can dig deeper and deeper and when you finally hit water you may still not be there and have to dig deeper still in order to have continuous flow. There is a purpose to levels of clearing. When you finally hit that wealth of water, that clearing, you know you’ve done it.

So many of you have done the deep clearing and now you’re ready to build, to co-create that which exceeds all your desires. Are you ready for that? We think so.

I pause for a moment to work with all of the shades of blue bands, the Pleiadian frequencies, weaving them on Earth for others to feel and utilize for their Awakening To True Self.

Then I find myself on New Earth and my friends that meet me show me how much the population has grown this month. How many people are now finding New Earth, finding their 5D Selves, remembering their multi-dimensional selves to varying degrees.

My New Earth Ambassadors, they’re very excited, very happy for us. I know it is my job to go back and forth, I’m the bus driver, the bridge. It is not my mission to stay on New Earth, it is my mission to bring people there.  I used to be a stewardess in my 20’s so I guess I have it right, lol.

Understand what this means they explain. Seeing so many new beloved humans on New Earth means you’re ascending! We understand the triple eclipse was quite difficult for re-ascending humans but you did it! And there are so many more beloved humans on New Earth now and more arriving every moment.

So we ask, continue spreading unconditional love and light, spreading the colors, the tones, the frequencies. It doesn’t matter if the light is white, golden, Violet Flame. Pulling in what you feel, what you resonate with, and send it out.

Embrace and Emanate!!!

The feeling today  is great peace. Everything is almost in slow motion it’s so peaceful. My new Earth friends tell me that is because the hardships have passed and we’re ready to easily flow and co-create.

Now is the time to look into your heart and feel what would bring you the most passion, the most Joy, the most love. And create that. Send it out into the Universe send it to Source. Know that just as a boomerang, it will come back to you. Tenfold. Give what you would like to receive: love, happiness, joy, abundance.

I show them the Fall Equinox and they say between now and our full moon next week is a very fertile creative process. It is very powerful so harness it, utilize it, create! Harness all these new Energies, new frequencies and create. Focus on the Now and create!

I show them that I felt all of the new realities in frequencies on the planet last weekend and then this week kind of went to s**t. And they laugh and explain that I initiated a deeper clearing and cleansing which is been very very profitable they’re calling it.

You have asked before and you’ve asked it again, have you reverted to the lower realities that you left last weekend? The answer is always no. Bands of frequency are like the rainbow and you can go up and down, in or out back and forth, whatever you want to term it. When you have a major up leveling, a frequency / timeline / reality jump, especially one as great as you witnessed at the last eclipse, one that so many humans took advantage of, there is no reversion. There is no falling down. It’s not a case of you didn’t jump into it so it went away.

We are telling you in full force you did jump into it and it’s not going away. It holds itself steady while you do the clearing. Just like digging that well we mentioned. If you hit water and it sprays up and gets all of you wet, you need to then dry off, change your clothes. While you’re changing your clothes does the water cease to exist? No it is still flowing. Picture that, remember that.

This cleansing week for humans was initiated by the new realities and higher frequencies you found yourself in. And as the frequencies swirl around you, showering down upon you, you’re clearing that which cannot survive in higher frequencies. You are transmuting the lower energies into the matching frequencies of these higher bands of light, these new realities. Remember that. You never go back, you clear to stay there. your quantum physics has already proven this entrainment, believe it to be true. That belief alone will empower you to continue reaching for more expansive frequencies and higher dimensional realities.

When people climb mountains on your planet they start at base camps and they stay at camps at different altitudes to acclimate themselves to that altitude. It is quite similar in your Ascension. There will come a place, because time really doesn’t exist, where the cleansing and clearing is so minor that you barely notice it. To go from 10th Dimension to 11th is quite an easy shift. but that is not the case now. 3D to 5D is one of the most immense frequency shifts a being can bear, especially when bringing a corporal body. So we ask you to be kind and loving to yourself.

Self-judgement is a very low emotion, a very dense frequency on your body and your Soul Self. So again, when these feelings come on, step outside of them and send yourself Unconditional Love and Divine Light. Know yourself as Divine, know that this is a sign of cleansing and clearing as you are in a more expansive frequency now.

Love yourself always, and especially in the creating phases, and Ascension will flow far more quickly and easily for you.

And if you don’t? If you have a total breakdown, a complete meltdown? You may inhibit the flow of Ascension but your Soul has orchestrated a beautiful journey and you will continue on it. Always.

You would not pull off the highway into a very dark, dangerous, smelly rest stop would you? Never, as you value your safety. So why do it within? Why pull over to indulge in lower frequencies, emotions that are the opposite of love and joy? Simply don’t. Stay on the highway, stay on the journey and you will fly right by those emotions and they will transmute. Again entrainment is a basic principle, one of the laws of the Universe. Utilize it!

You are the human, you are the ascending one, you are the multidimensional being. You are the others. You are all One. Whether you are transmitting your own energy or supporting others with kind words or emanating light, you are accomplishing the same goal. You are all on the same Journey, you are all One.

There is no such thing as being selfish n Ascension. Transmuting your own lower frequencies is not only assisting you on your journey but assisting so many others. Clear yourself as those “before you” have, so that others “following you” may clear themselves and you can all continue on this beautiful Journey.

We await, we adjust, we love you. We are you!

Edited an image by freepik.com