February 2023 UpdateWith the retrogrades over we move into true momentum! So why are so many of us feeling lost, confused, stuck or standing in fog?? Well, the momentum is there, it is simply deep down, creating the foundation rather than the house.

Time is speeding up, solar flares are intensifying and humanity’s frequency is raising. It is happening whether it is displayed in our outer reality or not. I have adopted the mantra, I’m keep on keepin’ on. So every time I check in with my Soul / Spirit and I ask what’s up and all I get back is the fog, I just keep on keepin’ on. I can feel the momentum, I know sudden shifts are coming, so I do what I need to do stay open and stay in the flow. Believing in, and repeating the mantra, all is in divine perfect timing and harmony, that helps. Knowing that we are going to begin to see massive changes in March helps me to focus on the changes I want to bring into my life.

So trust that the momentum is indeed rolling down deep and change is coming!