Redirecting Anxiety

Are You Feeling More Anxiety Lately? I’ve been coaching many clients through anxiety lately. It appears to be really building with all the endings of the past few months, while the new beginnings are just starting to show up. For a few. The rest of us are still adjusting to the void, the in-between state, whether that’s a cocoon or a panic attack!

Archangel Aurora tells us, “Understand that energy arrives to you through your Soul as divine neutral. It is only when you start directing the energy through your thoughts and emotions that it can turn into anxiety or confusion or panic or any other fears.”

“It is up to you, Dear Ones, to choose curiosity or anticipation or excitement or adventure or another expansive feeling. For when you change your reaction, your thoughts, the energy will shift its’ direction into better feeling emotions.”

“Humans have been conditioned to move into fear responses and it is time for you to take back your power, your thoughts and feelings. Open your awareness and make conscious choices with the energy entering within. You get to choose what feeling this energy feeds. So choose well and be happy!”

Archangelic Tip: “The next time you are feeling a buildup of energy and your mind captures it as anxiety, pause for a moment, close your eyes, take a calming breath or three and ask yourself, is this really anxiety? What else could it be? Could it be something positive?”

“Then focus on a positive feeling and picture the energy redirecting there. Take another moment to imagine / sense your body move into a higher frequency, a better feeling space. Feel it anchor in and ground you there. Notice how you feel now. Are you calm or content or happy? Are you feeling hopeful or excited or radiant?”